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[24][45]I bought this house|because I care about you.
[46][74]If all I wanted was to taste your|blood, I could do it right now.
[76][92]But instead, I am asking you
[93][104]to be mine.
[105][129]You wanna live together?|I wanna marry you.
[130][145]I love you so much.
[146][164]Hoyt! Ah!
[216][235]Sook! I'm so sorry.
[236][255]I guess I'm still not so|good at gettin' snuck up on.
[256][285]You look amazin'!|New Orleans has been good for you, huh?
[286][297]It has.
[298][320]Come on inside and|tell me all about it?
[321][333]There's a new coven in town.
[334][346]They're necromancers, Eric.
[347][367]If they can control the dead,|then they can control us.
[368][380]I will go tonight.
[398][418]You're devils of the night!
[438][448]Jessica, no.
[449][459]I don't need that shit.
[460][479]"That shit" is my blood!
[480][492]Where's your keys?
[552][586]What we accomplished|was remarkable.
[587][605]What we gonna bring back next?
[606][619]A person.
[625][634]Oh, shit.
[635][659]This is the last time|your coven convenes.
[660][670]Join hands.
[762][777]We gonna make a baby.
[778][792]If we want to be sure we're|gonna make us a panther,
[793][813]we gotta make you one of us first.|Crystal.
[859][869]Who are you?
[870][880]It's me, Sookie.
[881][903]Why do you smell so good?
[1005][1045]You know perfectly well why I|smell the way I smell.
[1077][1117]Like wheat, and honey...
[1147][1159]and sunlight.
[1184][1207]Eric, I am not in the mood.
[1232][1246]What are you?
[1528][1569]??? When you came in|the air went out
[1603][1654]??? And every shadow|filled up with doubt
[1678][1737]??? I don't know who you think you are,|but before the night is through
[1760][1792]??? I want to do bad|things with you
[1823][1863]??? I'm the kind to|sit up in his room
[1896][1939]??? Heartsick and eyes|filled up with blue
[1972][2032]??? I don't know what you've done to|me, but I know this much is true
[2052][2085]??? I want to do bad|things with you
[2268][2307]??? I want to do real|bad things with you ???
[2455][2473]I am not your fuckin' dinner!
[2484][2495]What'd you do that for?
[2506][2518]You broke my nose.
[2519][2538]Oh, please. It'll heal in five|minutes. You're a vampire.
[2539][2559]I know I'm a vampire, Snookie!
[2560][2570]It's Sookie.
[2571][2585]I know what I am!
[2623][2637]I just don't know who I am.
[2661][2690]Okay. What's the last|thing you remember?
[2691][2705]I don't know.
[2730][2743]I don't know.
[2764][2776]The sea, maybe.
[2886][2899]Eric, focus.
[2993][3031]Her eyes. Her|cold, empty eyes.
[3049][3065]They were reaching into me.
[3091][3105]Emptying me.
[3129][3142]And it was her,
[3155][3173]but it wasn't her.
[3180][3198]She was in a,
[3199][3214]in a circle,
[3269][3281]And, uh...
[3341][3352]Everything I was...
[3410][3424]was taken from me.
[3518][3537]I'll help you deal with this.
[3538][3582]But there are some ground rules that do|not get broken, or you are on your own.
[3583][3632]You do not touch me, and you|most certainly do not bite me.
[3658][3668]Oh, forget it.
[3669][3679]It's fine.
[3691][3706]I swear it.
[3729][3743]Well, let's go then.
[3813][3832]I am grateful for this.
[3863][3876]You still|feeling light-headed?
[3877][3890]Not so much.
[3891][3902]- Well, all your vitals are fine.|- Ah.
[3903][3920]Just take it easy|for a day or two.
[3937][3965]Oh my God. What was|it like bein' bitten?
[3976][3987]It hurt.
[3988][3998]I hate that motherfucker!
[4010][4028]He tortured Lafayette|for three days.
[4035][4045]Torture torture?
[4062][4075]Son of a bitch.
[4086][4105]So thanks for|bringing me tonight.
[4106][4150]It's been a while since I got attacked by a|vampire, and guess what? It still sucks.
[4151][4166]And it still freaks|my shit out.
[4167][4185]Would you climb down off|that cross for two seconds?
[4186][4197]You don't think it|freaked my shit out?
[4198][4213]Two hours, Lafayette.
[4214][4235]Two hours I'm back in town, and|some fuckin' fanger is on my neck!
[4236][4257]It's not just any fanger!|This is Eric fuckin' Northman,
[4258][4311]who's fuckin' ancient, and stupid|powerful, and can kill all of us!
[4312][4324]And now he probably will.
[4325][4343]Well, somebody ought|to call the police.
[4344][4371]Oh, and you think the hillbilly police|around here are gonna do anything?
[4372][4386]You think they can do anything?
[4387][4415]Well, we can't just do nothin'|and let him get away with this!
[4416][4454]Eric Northman is a thousand years old.|Ain't no police can touch him.
[4455][4474]He tried to kill Marnie.
[4475][4489]Well, thank God he didn't.
[4490][4515]The best thing we can do is|forget this ever happened.
[4524][4537]But it did happen!
[4538][4567]He attacked us.|Unprovoked.
[4568][4627]He came in here uninvited, and he|demanded that we stop gathering, stop...
[4642][4664]practicin' our religion.
[4665][4687]Last time I checked, there was still|freedom of religion in America.
[4688][4721]Yeah, what does he think|this is, Nazi Germany?
[4722][4740]He did look kinda Aryan.
[4741][4771]How dare he?|He has no right.
[4778][4796]He has no right!
[4797][4856]He's a vampire. They don't care about|rights, religion, the law or anybody else.
[4857][4882]They just want our blood.
[4883][4896]Marnie, what did you do|to make him leave?
[4913][4925]And how did you do it?
[4949][4971]I have no idea.
[5101][5122]How come Mister|Jason's tied up in there?
[5123][5146]He's gonna help us|make some new were-panthers.
[5160][5173]What do you|mean? The usual way.
[5174][5187]- But he ain't...|- But he's turnin'!
[5188][5219]Uh, I thought we|was only born this way.
[5220][5252]Not the first panthers.|Not Ghost Mama and Ghost Daddy.
[5253][5282]Way back, a long time ago,
[5283][5325]when Ghost Daddy and Mama was still alive,|panthers was kings of the nature world.
[5339][5370]The man world|worshiped 'em as God.
[5371][5382]'Cause they was.
[5404][5455]Then the sky people came, and they seduced|man, and turned him against nature.
[5456][5483]All except one man and|one woman, which was...
[5484][5502]Ghost Mama and Ghost Daddy.
[5503][5531]Bless your sweet little heart.
[5532][5572]And they come into the woods under|a full moon. And they said,
[5573][5616]"Mighty Panther, we don't|want to live in the man world.
[5617][5660]"We want to live with you|in our skins, not a dream."
[5679][5711]So what'd the Panther do?
[5712][5728]He ate Ghost Mama|and Ghost Daddy.
[5729][5759]And when they was in his belly,|they soaked up his magic,
[5760][5795]and then he puked them up, and|the next full moon, they turned.
[5796][5813]That was the beginning|of our kind.
[5814][5837]How come there|ain't more of us?
[5838][5862]'Cause the man world's been|fightin' a war with nature,
[5863][5895]and nature's pissed at all|of us for lettin' it happen.
[5896][5913]How many times I gotta|tell you that, boy?
[5914][5949]Uh, it just seems to me like|nature'd be a whole lot smarter
[5950][5977]if she tried kickin' man's|ass instead of ours.
[5978][6001]Nature ain't need to be smart.
[6002][6018]Nature is nature!
[6019][6064]Nature's bigger than us, Timbo.|Ain't for us to figure out her ways.
[6065][6114]Well, guess that leaves us all on the|short end of the stick then, don't it?
[6115][6145]You reckon it's in him yet?
[6146][6178]Hell, yeah. Fever on him|like that means it's workin'.
[6179][6214]Next full moon, he'll be sayin' goodbye to|what little piece of man's left in him.
[6250][6263]How you feelin', baby?
[6272][6293]Felton? Felton?
[6294][6333]If you're gonna kill me, be a fuckin' man|and just do it. Don't string it out.
[6345][6359]You swore to me you|weren't gonna kill him.
[6360][6385]I ain't gonna kill him, baby.
[6399][6418]Least not till we got out|of him what we want.
[6452][6461]What'd he mean by that?
[6462][6506]Shh. I swear I ain't|gonna let him kill you.
[6516][6533]I, I just want to thank you.
[6534][6544]For what?
[6545][6576]For all you done, and|all you're gonna do.
[6577][6596]What exactly am I gonna do?
[6605][6620]You are so generous.
[6629][6646]You got such a big heart.
[6647][6678]Once you turn, we get to|be together forever.
[6679][6697]What's that?
[6747][6760]Ain't he pretty?
[6784][6796]Sure is.
[6836][6848]I think we got us one.
[6906][6928]Get ready to turn the light on.|Turn the light on, turn the light on!
[6929][6946]Oh! Oh!
[6974][6989]Who's next?
[7010][7020]Ahh!|Quit it!
[7021][7031]He attacked me!
[7058][7083]You either hand over that|camera, or you're all dead!
[7084][7119]Uh-uh, no way! We got|silver spray and wooden bullets.
[7200][7213]He would have killed me!
[7214][7248]See, America? Share this|video on your Facebook page,
[7249][7272]and visit w-w-w,
[7303][7334]for more undercover videos|and even scarier stuff.
[7335][7366]Wake up, America!|Before we're all dead!
[7447][7459]It was clearly entrapment.
[7478][7492]Unfortunately for you,
[7504][7522]that is irrelevant.
[7523][7563]It is expressly forbidden by the Authority|to be filmed feeding on a human.
[7564][7582]You broke the law, and now,
[7594][7608]you have to pay the price.
[7616][7631]Which is?
[7632][7642]The true death.
[7643][7675]That's a little extreme.
[7693][7723]It's the only way I can see to guarantee|that you won't do this again.
[7724][7756]So I'm b...
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