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CD: Anna Netrebko-Russian Songs [P]2006

1. Iolanta: "Otago eto preide ne znala ni toski ya" (Iolanta) 	
2. Twelve Songs op. 21: No. 7: "Zdes' khoroso" ("How beautiful it is here") 	
3. Six Songs op. 4: No. 4: "Ne poy, krasavica" ("Oh, do not sing to me") 	
4. The Tale of Tsar Saltan: Aria: "Ti, carevic, moy spasitel" (Swan Princess) 	
5. The Snow Maiden: Scene and Aria: "A-u, a-u!" - "Akh, bednaya Sneguroaka, 	
6. The Snow Maiden: Finale: "Velikiy car'! Sprosi menya sto raz" (Snow Maiden, Tsar, Misgir, Chorus) 	
7. The Tsar's Bride: Scene and Aria: "Ivan Sergeyic, khoces'" (Marfa) 	
8. Six Romances op. 38: No. 6: Pimpinella - Florentine Song "Yesli ti 	
9. A Life for the Tsar: Cavatina and Rondo: "V pole, pole, cistoye glyazu" (Antonida) 	
10. War and Peace: Aria: "Cudo, kak khorosa ona" (Natasha, Anatol, Sonya, Count Rostov) 	
11. Francesca da Rimini: "O, ne riday, moy Paolo, ne nado ..." (Franceska) 	
12. Eugene Onegin: Letter Scene: "Puskay pogibnu ya, no prezde" (Tatyana)

# Audio CD (January 9, 2007)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: Deutsche Grammophon

This is a collection of well-to-lesser-known Russian arias by composers from Glinka to Prokofiev, with stops along the way for Tchaikovsky, 
Rimsky-Korsakov, and Rachmaninov. The lovely Anna Netrebko remains a glamorous singer, pure of voice, with always-musical phrasing and some 
exquisitely high soft singing. Particularly fine are a little-known Tchaikovsky Romance with castanets, bassoon, and piccolo adding color; 
the vivid, Italianate selection from Glinka's A Life for the Tsar; two lyrical Rachmaninov songs (here scored for orchestra); and the Letter 
Scene from Eugene Onegin, which is delivered with the drama of a true singing actress. Otherwise, many of the arias here are slow and have a 
certain sameness about them. Netrebko sometimes just sings instead of getting inside them. Netrebko's Italian output so far has been far more 
exciting, but it's great to have this Russian repertoire sung so beautifully on CD.

Product Description
After astonishing debuts as an unknown young singer, Anna Netrebko is now one of the world's favorite opera heroines. Now, for the first time, 
she's ready to lavish her pure, powerful voice on composers from her homeland, in a program of some of the most beautiful arias and songs in 
the Russian repertoire. Russian Songs is a deeply personal recording, made in the opera house where she first found stardom, 
St. Petersburg's Mariinsky Theatre, and conducted by Anna's mentor and friend who has championed her from the start: Valery Gergiev. 
This collection includes Anna in her signature role, Natasha from Prokofiev's War and Peace - which launched her career at the Metropolitan Opera 
in 2002. In addition. Anna gives listeners a taste of roles yet to come with Tatiana's letter scene from Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin. 
Anna Netrebko has made it her mission to bring opera to a wider public. Following the huge success of her last solo recording Sempre Libera 
and the acclaimed Salzburg La Traviata releases, Anna will show once again that she knows how to captivate audiences.
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