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Camtasia Studio Version 8.0.2 (24July2012) - README.TXT

                        ~ TABLE OF CONTENTS ~


    3.1  Installation Instructions
    3.2  Installed Files
    3.3  Uninstall Instructions

    4.1  Version History


    6.1  Using Online Help
    6.2  Camtasia Studio Support




Camtasia Studio is a suite of tools that allow you to record screen activity,
edit and narrate the clips, and publish the finished presentation in many
standard file formats and locations.

Camtasia Studio includes all the tools you need to record, annotate,
and produce your videos:
  o  Camtasia Studio      - Edit and produce videos in standard file formats
  o  Camtasia Recorder    - Make a video of anything on your screen
  o  Camtasia MenuMaker   - Create a CD front end menu for your videos
  o  Camtasia Theater     - Create a web front end menu for your Flash videos
  o  Camtasia Player      - Ensures high quality playback of your TSCC AVIs
  o  Camtasia Studio PowerPoint Add-in - Record PowerPoint presentations


To run Camtasia Studio, your system must meet these specifications:

  o  Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  o  Microsoft DirectX 9 or later version
  o  Microsoft .NET 4.0 Client Profile (included)
  o  Dual-core processor minimum ~ Recommended: Quad-core processor or better
  o  2 GB RAM minimum ~ Recommended: 4 GB or more
  o  GPU acceleration requires DirectX 9 compatible video adapter with 128 MB
     of video memory or greater and Pixel Shader 2.0 or later
  o  2 GB of hard-disk space for program installation
  o  Display dimensions of 1024x768 or greater
  o  Camtasia Studio Add-in for PowerPoint requires PowerPoint 2007 or
     2010 (32 bit)
  o  Import of .mov and production to .mov and .m4v requires Apple
     QuickTime 7.2 or later
  o  Dedicated Windows-compatible sound card, microphone and
     speakers (recommended)
  o  Camera video recording requires a USB Web Camera. Recording live from a
     DV camera is not supported
  o  Integration with Camtasia Relay requires Camtasia Relay Client Recorder


3.1 Installation Instructions
    Double-click the file "camtasia.msi" and follow the on-screen

3.2 Installed Files
    The Camtasia Studio installation program copies the following files to
    the Camtasia Studio install folder on your computer during installation:

    Media\MenuMaker\*.*         MenuMaker menu templates
    Media\Recorder\*.*          Media files used in Camtasia Recorder
    Media\Studio\*.*            Media files used in Camtasia Studio
    Windows Media Profiles\*.*  Default profiles used for WMV output
    14_43260.dll                Real Media DLL
    28_83260.dll                Real Media DLL
    AssetLibrary.dll            Camtasia Studio Asset Library file
    atrc3260.dll                Real Media DLL
    autocam.bat                 Sample command line automation batch file
    avifix.reg                  Reg fix for "AVI class not registered" error
    CamMenuMaker.exe            Camtasia MenuMaker author executable
    CamMenuMakerRes.dll         CamMenuMaker.exe resources
    CamMenuPlayer.exe           Camtasia MenuMaker player executable
    CamPlay.exe                 Camtasia Player executable
    CamPlay.txt                 Instructions for running Camtasia Player
    CamPlayLicense.txt          Camtasia Player License Agreement
    CamRecorder.exe             Camtasia Recorder executable
    CamrecShellExt.dll          CAMREC file extractor shell extension
    CamrecShellExtRes.dll       CAMREC file extractor resources
    Camtasf.dll                 Camtasia for Real File Format plugin
    CamtasiaFilters.dll         Camtasia Studio Direct Show filters
    CamtasiaMenuMaker.chm       Camtasia MenuMaker help file
    CamtasiaOfficeAddin.dll     Camtasia PowerPoint Plug-in
    CamtasiaOfficeAddinRes.dll  CamtasiaOfficeAddin.dll resources
    CamtasiaStudio.chm          Camtasia Studio main help file
    CamtasiaStudio.exe          Camtasia Studio editor executable
    CamtasiaStudioRes.dll       CamtasiaStudio.exe resources
    camtasr.dll                 Camtasia for Real Rendering plugin
    ConsumerRestoration_Win32.dll iZotope Audio DLL
    cook3260.dll                Real Media DLL
    CSMediaLib.dll              Camtasia Studio editing library
    CSMediaLibParser.dll        Camtasia Studio editing parser library
    CSMediaLibTools.dll         Camtasia Studio editing tools library
    CSMetricsAPI.dll            Camtasia Metrics & TUDI code library 
    CSRenderLib.dll             Camtasia Studio rendering library
    CSWaveformLib.dll           Camtasia Studio audio waveform drawing library
    D3DX9_42.dll                Direct X for Windows Direct 3D 9 Extensions
    dnet3260.dll                Real Media DLL
    EditorInterop.dll           Camtasia Studio editing interop library
    ednt3260.dll                Real Media DLL
    erv33260.dll                Real Media DLL
    espr3260.dll                Real Media DLL
    FilterManager.ini           Used to block bad 3rd party filters
    Google.GData.Client.dll     Google GData Client Library
    Google.GData.Extensions.dll	Google GData Client Library
    Google.GData.YouTube.dll	Google GData Client Library
    HowToReg.txt                Instructions for purchasing Camtasia Studio
    KeyValidation.dll           TechSmith Key Validation Library
    KeyValidationNative.dll     TechSmith Key Validation Library               LAME MP3 DirectShow codec used by CS
    lfbmp10n.dll                Graphics Library DLL
    LFcmp10n.dll                Graphics Library DLL
    lfgif10n.dll                Graphics Library DLL
    LFWMF10N.DLL                Graphics Library DLL
    License.txt                 Camtasia Studio License Agreement
    LTDIS10N.dll                Graphics Library DLL
    ltefx10N.dll                Graphics Library DLL
    ltfil10N.DLL                Graphics Library DLL
    ltimg10N.dll                Graphics Library DLL
    ltkrn10N.dll                Graphics Library DLL
    mc_dec_aac.dll              MainConcept AAC decoder            MainConcept AAC decoder DirectShow filter
    mc_dec_avc.dll              MainConcept AVC decoder            MainConcept AVC decoder DirectShow filter
    mc_demux_mp4.dll            MainConcept MP4 demultiplexer          MainConcept MP4 demultiplexer DS filter
    mc_enc_aac.dll              MainConcept AAC encoder            MainConcept AAC encoder DirectShow filter
    mc_enc_avc.dll              MainConcept AVC encoder            MainConcept AVC endocer DirectShow filter
    mc_mux_mp4.dll              MainConcept MP4 multiplexer            MainConcept MP4 multiplexer DirectShow filter
    Microsoft.Expression.Interactivity.dll Microsoft UI library
    Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.dll Microsoft Windows API Code Pack for .NET
    pncrt.dll                   Real Media DLL
    pngu3266.dll                Real Media DLL
    pnrs3260.dll                Real Media DLL                 Preview movie for Quicktime video settings
    QtCore4.dll                 Trolltech qt library
    QtGui4.dll                  Trolltech qt library
    QtNetwork4.dll              Trolltech qt library
    QtXml4.dll                  Trolltech qt library
    Readme.txt                  This file
    rmbe3260.dll                Real Media DLL
    rmme3260.dll                Real Media DLL
    rnco3260.dll                Real Media DLL
    rv303260.dll                Real Media DLL
    SingleBandCompressor_Win32.dll Audio compression library
    sipr3260.dll                Real Media DLL
    SizerHook.dll               Camtasia Studio sizer hooking
    SWFtoAVI.dll                TechSmith Flash SWF to AVI converter
    TaskbarFeaturesHelper.dll	Task bar feature helper
    TimelineCOM.ocx             TechSmith DirectShow timeline module
    tokr3260.dll                Real Media DLL
    TSCCinst.txt                Instructions for installing the TSCC codec
    TscHelp.exe                 TechSmith Html Help Helper app
    TSCHTMLProducer.dll         Camtasia Studio HTML producer
    TSClame.acm                 LAME MP3 ACM codec used by CS
    TSClame_acm.xml             LAME MP3 ACM codec initialization data
    TSCRec3.dll                 Camtasia Studio recording control
    WPFElements.dll             Camtasia Studio UI library
    xcdsfx32.bin                Zip Library Binary File
    XceedZip.dll                Zip library used with Pack and Show
    YouTubeUpload.dll           YouTube upload library

3.3 Uninstall Instructions
    1. Run the Windows Contro...
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