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february lady sweater
february lady sweater
A swingy lace cardigan,
made to fit a grown-ass woman,
lovingly based on Elizabeth ZimmermannÓs classic ÐBaby
Sweater on Two Needles,Ñ from KnitterÓs Almanac.
YARN: approximately 750 (850, 950, 1050, 1150) yards of
worsted weight yarn. This lace pattern is especially lovely in
semi-solid yarnsÏI used Sundara Worsted Merino in ÐGreen
Over Ochre.Ñ
US 8 (5mm) 32Ñ circular needle, or size needed to get
US 8 (5mm) double-pointed needles, or size needed to
get gauge
US 10 (6mm) needle (for bind-offs), or a needle 1mm
larger than that used for sweater
split stitch markers
three 7/8Ñ buttons
GAUGE: 18 stitches / 4Ñ in garter stitch
FINISHED BUST: 34.75 (38.5, 42, 45.5, 49) inches
m1 (make one) increases:
first increase of each pair : using the left needle, pick up horizontal strand between last stitch
and next stitch, from the front. Knit through the back loop.
second increase : using the left needle, pick up the strand from the back and knit.
gull lace pattern, adapted from Elizabeth ZimmermannÓs KnitterÓs Almanac (worked over 7
stitches and 4 rows):
row 1: k1, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k1. Repeat across.
rows 2 & 4: purl
row 3: k2tog, yo, k3, yo, ssk. Repeat across.
Pattern by Pamela Wynne, 2008
First of all, go get yourself a copy of Elizabeth ZimmermannÓs KnitterÓs Almanac. Immediately. It is the
greatest $7 knitting book of All Time.
Cast on 83 (87, 91, 95, 99) stitches.
Work 3 rows in garter stitch.
Row 4 (setup row): k 14 (15, 16, 17, 18), mark next stitch, k 11, mark next stitch, k 28 (30, 32, 34,
36), mark next stitch, k 11, mark next stitch, k 15 (16, 17, 18, 19).
Row 5 (first increase row): *k to marked stitch, m1 on either side of marked stitch (two stitches
added)* Repeat from * 3 times, k to end.
Row 6 (WS): k 3, work buttonhole, k to end. (I think this sweater calls for fairly hefty buttonsÏI used
7/8Ñ wooden ones. Of course, this means you have to work a more complicated buttonhole than just
a simple yarn-over. ThereÓs a great tutorial for a reversible one-row buttonhole at
www.knittingonthenet.com/learn/bh5.htm .)
Repeat rows 5 and 6 a total of 18 (21, 24, 27, 30) times, working a buttonhole on an even row every
2.5 inches. [227 (255, 283, 311, 339) stitches]
Throughout the rest of the body, the first and last 8 stitches of each row will be knit in garter stitch
for the button bands.
Eyelet increases (RS): k8, pm. Work 13 YOs spaced evenly between the (239, 267, 295, 323) center
stitches. pm, k8. [240 (268, 296, 324, 352) stitches]
Work 3 more rows in garter stitch, ending with a wrong-side row.
Knit 1 repeat (4 rows) of the gull lace pattern.
Separate the sleeves (you will come back to them after you finish the body): K to the first marker, slip
the sleeve stitches onto scrap yarn, cast on 7 stitches on right-hand needle, k to the next marker, slip
sleeve stitches onto scrap yarn, cast on 7 stitches on right-hand needle, k to end of row. [157 (173,
189, 205, 221) body stitches]
Continue in the gull lace pattern, with 8 stitches of garter edging at the beginning and end of each
row. Because the stitch pattern is 7 stitches long, the 7 stitches you cast on at each underarm will
take up one pattern repeat.
Continue until the body is 1.5Ñ shorter than desired length.
Work 1.5Ñ of garter stitch for the bottom band. Bind off, using the larger needle.
Pattern by Pamela Wynne, 2008
Using DPNs or a 12Ñ circular needle, pick up the live sleeve stitches from scrap yarn. Pick up and knit
one stitch to the right of the 7 stitches cast on under the arm, then pick up and knit the 7 cast-on
stitches, then one stitch to the left of those 7, for a total of 9 underarm stitches.
Round 1: Place marker, and join for knitting in the round, beginning on row 1 of the lace pattern. Knit
to the last 9 (underarm) stitches, ssk, k5, k2tog.
Because you are working in the round, rows 2 and 4 of the lace pattern will be knit, instead of purled.
Continue to knit sleeves in lace pattern all the way around, until they are 1.5Ñ shorter than desired
length. Work 1.5Ñ of garter stitch for cuff. Bind off, using a needle 2 sizes larger.
Sew on buttons.
Strut your stuff.
A note on sizing: You can easily make this cardigan smaller or larger by casting on fewer or more
stitches at the beginning, and/or doing fewer or more raglan increasesÏjust be sure that your final
stitch counts for the sleeves and body are a multiple of 7.
My raglan math owes a great debt to Barbara WalkerÓs Knitting from the Top, and to Laura ChauÓs
fabulous (and free!) tutorial at www.cosmicpluto.com/blog/?page_id=397 .
All mistakes are, of course, my ownÏbring them to my attention at flintknits@gmail.com .
Pattern by Pamela Wynne, 2008
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