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Conflict Resolution Interview Questions: How do you handle conflict?
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Conflict Resolution Interview Questions: How do
you handle conflict?
Posted on February 6th, 2010 in Competency Interview Questions and Answers
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Mostly, the conflict management interview question is asked to people who have applied for managerial
positions or other senior job titles.
However, in companies that have an horizontal hierarchy instead of a vertical hierarchy, this question is
generally asked to anyone who has managerial potential at a later stage.
How do you handle conflict? Interview question and answers
While answering the job Òhow do you handle conflictÓ, you have to make sure that your
answer comes across as that of an experienced person who can handle a team successfully.
interview question
The best answer is:
ÐI would first get a lowdown on the actual problem and try to out a solution to the conflict. I have seen
many conflicts getting worked out if the right amount of time is given, or if there is some opportunity that is
bigger than personal and trivial issues between people.Ñ
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Conflict Resolution Interview Questions: How do you handle conflict?
You may add to your answer for the conflict resolution question in an interview:
ÐFor any disagreement between team members, I am the mediator. I will set a behavioral code if necessary. I
believe that I should be a cohesive force between all the team members.
In a professional atmosphere, it is a miracle that all the people in a team are on good terms with each other.
Therefore, it is the responsibility of the leader to make sure that all of them are comfortable with each other and
have a working relationship that makes the team a productive one instead of a team that is wracked by
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Conflict Resolution Interview Questions: How do you handle conflict?
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Conflict Resolution Interview Questions: How do you handle conflict?
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Conflict Resolution Interview Questions: How do you handle conflict?
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