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Star Wars RPG (D6) - Dark Empire
Table of Contents
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Chapter One: The New Republic
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Chapter Two: The Empire Reborn
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Chapter Three: The Fringe
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Chapter Four: The Force
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Chapter Five: Planets
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Chapter Six: Starships
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Chapter Seven: The World Devastators
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Chapter Eight: Vehicles
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Chapter Nine: Equipment
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Full Circle
When George Lucas was gathering ideas for
what would eventually become Star War s, he found
inspiration in such diverse sources as samurai
ilms, Buddhist philosophy, Joseph Campbell’s
writings on mythology, and pulp iction. Naturally
enough, Lucas took a look at science iction co-
The Dark Empire
An exciting continuation of the Star Wars
saga, Dark Empire is illed with the sort of details
and settings that made the original movies so
enjoyable. Exotic planets and species, colorful vil-
lains, new devices and breathtaking battles ill the
pages of this graphic novel. This sourcebook is a
guide to the diverse inhabitants, events and set-
tings of Kennedy and Veitch’s saga.
During the writing of Dark Empire, West
End Games was pleased to offer what aid it could
to Mr. Veitch and Mr. Kennedy by providing refer-
ence material; it was only logical that a Dark Em-
pire sourcebook would be a welcome addition to
the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game line.
Many things have changed in the six years
since Return of the Jed i. It is less than a year after
the events of the Timothy Zahn trilogy. Rejuve-
nated Imperial factions once again hold sway over
much of the galaxy and now dare to take the battle
to the homeworlds of the Republic itself. Vast ar-
madas again bring terror and destruction in the
name of a dead Emperor.
Set only days after the events of Dark Em-
pire, this sourcebook provides detailed information
on the elements of this saga. How did the Emperor
survive his “death” at Endor? How do the World
Devastators function? What is Byss like? How did
Boba Fett escape the Sarlacc? All of these ques-
tions and many more are answered in this source-
book. This book provides full game statistics with
each entry, but ownership of Star Wars: The Ro-
leplaying Game is not necessary for enjoyment of
this book.
Those of you who have prior Star Wars
sourcebooks may notice that some characters
have lower Force Point and Character Point totals
than in prior publications. This is accurate - many
of these characters have had to spend many, many
points during their adventures in the Timothy
Zahn novels and the Dark Empire comic series.
From Flash Gordon to Buck Rogers to Al
Williamson’s EC science iction comics, space op-
era and comics have had a long, fruitful partner-
ship. Great conlicts of good and evil, dynamic ac-
tion and eye-popping panorama can all be found in
these stories - the same things Lucas most wanted
to bring to the screen.
In 1977, as Star Wars went beyond fad to
phenomenon, it seemed only natural to adapt the
series to the four color format that had contributed
so strongly to its development. First of these was
a movie adaptation; then, an ongoing series; then,
a daily newspaper strip. Many of the most talented
and famous artists and writers in comics, includ-
ing Williamson, made their own memorable contri-
butions to the saga.
Now, there is the latest incarnation of Star
Wars in the comics ield: Dark Empir e. The genesis
of Dark Empire stretches back to the late 1980’s.
Writer Tom Veitch and artist Cam Kennedy had
gained considerable notoriety with their project,
The Light and Darkness Wa r. After Lucasilm
expressed interest in a Star Wars proposal they
wrote, Veitch and Kennedy plotted out an epic set
six years after the events of Return of the Jed i.
In 1992, Dark Empire was released by Dark
Horse Comics and became an immediate hit. The
overwhelming response from Star Wars fans has
ensured that there will be many more adventures
of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia.
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A Time Of Change
The Rebellion against the Empire was vic-
torious with the Battle of Endor, but the conlict
did not end there. The war to free the galaxy was
only now beginning. No longer insurgents, the
long-suffering members of the Alliance to Restore
the Republic found a thousand worlds eager to join
open battle against the demoralized remnants of
Palpatine’s Imperial juggernaut. The military, bu-
reaucracy and COMPNOR elite could only watch
impotently as system after system, sector after
sector came under Republic control.
With the loss of Vader and so many tal-
ented leet oficers, things looked understandably
bleak. More than that, the legions of the Empire
found themselves crippled by the loss of the Em-
peror himself. Without the beneit of his supreme
conidence and ruthless foresight, the vast Impe-
rial war machine was paralyzed by indecision. No
single individual possessed the power and the will
to step forward and unite the military.
Whole squadrons and battlegroups aban-
doned strategic objectives to follow seemingly ran-
dom dispatches from competing authorities. Vast
regions of space were left defenseless as the Core
systems were transformed into fortress worlds. As
the war pressed on, even these worlds fell, and
the remaining Imperial forces retreated to isolated
backwater regions of the galaxy.
It became more apparent with every pass-
ing year that Palpatine had never intended his New
Order to survive him. Warriors who had once ter-
rorized a galaxy now found themselves embattled
and divided.
However, things weren’t all chav and sicca
blossoms for the Rebels either. They enjoyed a
newfound respect and legitimacy, and in time
reclaimed nearly three-quarters of the civilized
galaxy, but somehow inal victory always eluded
them. For every three worlds that joined the bur-
geoning New Republic, one remained Imperial
while another declared independence. The inertia
from decades of tyranny left much of the populace
unused to the responsibilities of freedom.
Nearly as troublesome as the war itself were
the internal struggles and rivalries within both the
Republic and the Empire. Various factions on both
sides, like Borsk Fey’lya of the Republic’s Provi-
sional Council, lirted with treason to cement their
own power. With a resolution of the war perhaps
years away, the underworld illed the power void,
with local tyrants and crime bosses holding sway.
Anarchy and disorder spread across many sections
of the galaxy.
This was the case until the last of the
Emperor’s Warlords, the feared Grand Admiral
Thrawn, returned abruptly from the Unknown
Regions to organize a military force. With classic
feints and distractions, he quickly secured vital
supplies and troops. He also somehow gained
the aid of a twisted Dark Jedi, Joruus C’baoth. In
possession of the lost technical secrets of Mount
Tantiss (one of the Emperor’s hidden storehouses
of technology, artifacts and “trophies” from his
military campaigns) Thrawn was ready to launch
a frighteningly effective counter-attack against a
complacent Republic.
Within months, both Imperial morale and
combat effectiveness reached pre-Endor levels
and the “Galactic” in Galactic Empire seemed all
too appropriate once again. Still, the Alliance had
faced worse odds before, and soon the New Repub-
lic called upon Luke Skywalker, the last of the Jedi
Knights, and his sister and Jedi-in-training, Leia,
along with Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Chewbac-
ca, R2-D2 and C-3P0 and others to put aside the
work of building the New Republic in the interest of
preserving its very existence.
Despite cunning and remarkable strate-
gies, Thrawn and C’baoth faced inal defeat at the
hands of the Republic. The new Imperial offensive
was smashed. Or should have been.
Somehow, the Empire’s offensive contin-
ued, seemingly with renewed strength and many
more forces than Thrawn had been able to call
upon. The Empire forced the Rebels from Corus-
cant, capital of the Republic. Still, the Empire was
plagued with factionalism and ambitious individu-
als vying for power.
Even with these remarkable successes, or
perhaps because of them, the Empire again disin-
tegrated into several factions, engaging in a petty
fratricidal power struggle.
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During this time, the Rebels fought as best
they could. Using Star Destroyers captured at the
Battle of Endor, the Rebellion struck at the heart of
the Empire, stirring even further dissension. Dur-
ing one of these missions, the Rebels learned that
the Empire had changed. It had reformed, each
faction working together, all swearing loyalty to an
unseen master.
Luke Skywalker allowed himself to be cap-
tured by the Empire, and he was taken to the mys-
terious planet of Byss, deep in the Galactic Core.
Here, Luke learned that the worst fear of the Alli-
ance had come true: the Emperor had returned!
The Emperor has prepared for battle on
many fronts. He created the horriic World Dev-
astators, unleashing them against the Calamari
homeworld itself. He has also dedicated himself
to turning Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side - to
making young Skywalker his loyal servant, as his
father was before him.
In the tumultuous events that followed, the
Emperor’s grandest plans were brought to fruition
as the Rebel Alliance fought a desperate struggle
against a seemingly immortal foe; a struggle that
brought Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Or-
gana Solo face-to-face with the Emperor in a inal
confrontation that will affect the fate of the galaxy
for years!
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