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Food around the world – Teacher’s Notes
This lesson looks at the food that people eat around
the world at special celebrations. Students read a
text and then write about the food they eat at New
Year, weddings and birthdays.
Students match the definitions to the words.
1 dish
plate of food which people share
2 seaweed
green sea plant
3 chime
the noise a clock makes to tell you what
time it is
Elicit the words ‘New Year’, ‘wedding’ and
‘birthday’ from the students by drawing pictures on
the board. Here are some ideas:
New Year – bottle of champagne, fireworks, or
something else that symbolises New Year in your
Wedding – bride and groom, rings.
Birthday – birthday cake, present.
Elicit the English word for the pictures you draw
too to expand your students’ vocabulary.
4 bride
the most important woman at a wedding
5 groom
the most important man at a wedding
6 midnight
12 o’clock at night
Ask students to write a short piece about the foods
they eat to celebrate New Year, weddings and
Tell students they are going to read a text about
foods that are eaten at the above celebrations.
Students answer the comprehension questions.
1 In China people eat an even number of dishes of food.
2 In China knives are bad luck.
3 In Spain people eat twelve grapes before the clock
strikes midnight. (Although the text says they often don’t
manage to eat all the grapes, they have to try to eat
them before midnight.)
4 In Italy sugared almonds are given for a baby at
5 In the Middle Ages people came to your house to stop
bad spirits.
6 In Mexico children hit a paper animal with their eyes
closed .
Here are some websites about foods eaten around the world at special celebrations.,1972,FOOD_9831_1745831,00.html,1972,FOOD_9843_3650755,00.html
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3 Vocabulary
4 Writing
1 Reading
2 Comprehension
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