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First published online 01.09.2009
Teacher’s Notes
‘mock’ exam
by Arkadiusz Mędela
Egzamin próbny - wybrane zadania
absolutely nowhere to go here. So each time I
want to go out to the cinema or theatre or even
have a meal in a restaurant, I have to get the car
out and drive to town.
Poziom: podstawowy
Rozumienie tekstu słuchanego
Speaker 5
Nauczyciel dwukrotnie czyta poszczególne
wypowiedzi. Uczniowie wykonują
ćwiczenie zgodnie z poleceniem do
We live in a two-bedroomed flat in the old part
of the town. It's a beautiful area with lots of
historic buildings and many restaurants and
pubs. It is a little noisy sometimes with all those
tourists coming to visit the town but I don't mind
much. The thing is we are expecting a baby and
we will have to think of somewhere larger to
move to because our flat is just not big enough.
Speaker 1
When we moved in three years ago, the house
was already in a sorry state, but we only had
enough money at the time to decorate some of
the rooms so that we could start living there. In
fact, we're only using half of the rooms the
house has got so we feel a little cramped. It
would be a really comfortable place if we could
save up enough to redecorate and furnish all of
the rooms.
Rozumienie tekstu czytanego
Speaker 2
Po zapoznaniu się z treścią tekstu, uczniowie
określają, które ze zdań 2.1. 2.5. są zgodne
z treścią tekstu (True), a które nie (False).
I live in a busy part of the town with a lot of
traffic. But the noise of the cars and buses is
nothing when I think of the people living next
door to us. They often have loud rows,
sometimes in the middle of the night. We've
tried talking to them or even calling the police
but after a few quiet days they go back to their
old ways.
2.1. True
2.2. False
2.3. False
2.4. True
2.5. True
Speaker 3
It used to be a quiet and safe place to live a
few years back but it all changed when the
large car factory was closed down and many
people living here lost their jobs. Many
people are now poor and out of work so
crime levels have gone up over the last few
years and many residents are now afraid of
mugging or burglary.
Wypowiedź pisemna - krótka forma
Uczniowie piszą zaproszenie zgodnie
z instrukcją podaną w poleceniu do zadania.
Wypowiedź jest oceniana zgodnie
z kryteriami obowiązującymi na egzaminie
Speaker 4
I live in the countryside in a nice, comfortable
house. It's a really lovely place, safe and relaxing
but also a bit boring at times because there's
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