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ANY small conventions have been held during the year
1911, but we were not permitted to attend all, and as
interest especially centers around those in connection
with the "Transoontinental Tour" and the "General
Convention," at Mountain Lake Park, Maryland, we
therefore make a partial yet quite extensive report of
only these conventions.
Early in the year Pastor Russell laid out a route that would
take him to many of the principal cities in the United States and
Canada on an eight thousand mile tour, where he was to be the
principal speaker at conventions at these places, under the auspices
Upon learning of the proposed tour, we asked Pastor Russell if
he would have any objection to our getting up a party with a special
train, to accompany him, and if he would travel with us. Ee re-
plied that he would have no objection, but that such an arrangement
would enhance his pleasure, and that he would be glad to travel vith
the party. Arrangements were therefore made.
Some people might be inclined to inquire as to why any should
desire to accompany Pastor Russell on such a trip, any more than
some other man. Our reason was, we have FAITH that the Lord
has returned, that HE is the CHIEF REAPER in this "Harvest,"
that HE has been supervising the work, for now about thirty-seven
years, and that HE has placed Pastor Russell in charge of the work
this side the vail. We are glad therefore to recognize him as "that
servant", spoken of by the Lord; glad to recognize that the work he is
doing is the work the Lord has appointed him to do, and we are glad
to co-operate with him and be associated.withhim asmuch aspossible.
Many have thought what a grand thing it would have been to
have made one of the convention tours with the Apostle Paul.
Well, this was considered an opportunity of traveling with "a Paul"-
one who is doing a work in this end of the Gospel age, similar to the
work the Apostle did at the beginning of the age.
There was still another reason for making the trip and that was,
to receive the pleasure and profit from being associated with so many
of "like precious faith" for over a month, and also the privilege and
pleasure of fellowship with friends along the way, giving and receiving
blessings. It was considered that the fellowship would be a rich
inheritance for all the coming years.
vention at Mountain Lake Park, Maryland. A11 who appreciated
their privileges, and were permitted to enjoy either the Transconti-
nental Tour or the General Convention, or both, were richly blessed.
You may desire to loan this book to others, therefore DO NOT
MUTILATE THE REPORT by removing the pictures.
SEE SPECIAL NOTICE at the back regarding extra copies of
the pictures, etc.
The same reason also applied to those attending the General Con-
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