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Hail the Signal!
(Isaiah 11: 10)
Exaltedly; in @owing-manner
As far as possible the songs
have been arranged through-
out the book in alphabetical
order according to the opening
word of the first verse. For
index of songs according to
title, see pages 95 and 96.
1. All hail the gfo - rious Sig - nal raised! See Christ on Zi - onis hi1
2. The L'rem=aaotf9
wh6 n,ow wit - ness bear By mak-ihp known God's will,
See Chrisbon Zi - on's hill! By an - gels lit his name be praia
By mak-ing known God's will, Praise him whose reign you soon will shai
All eafth with praise to fill, Je - ha - vah's Sig - nal ad - ver - tist
... him!
! him! I
, . .
S.T. Yes, hail
A.B. Yes, hait hi%!
kdit him!
haii hi*!
Oopyriglit, 19&, by
Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Inc.
Brooklyn, N. y.
8. hail him!'
hail him!
hail him!
A. Christ ofi Zi-OB'S hill!
TI hail him!
hail .............. ....,.......... hint!
him! Hail Christ en Zi-on's hi
fihted fn the Unlted Stst- of America
3, Let all who hope- In Par a a - dim All earth with praise t6 fill,
Hail the Lord's Anointed!
With wrance; flowing march tempo
The Greater Jephthah Calls!
fltihng march
II 1. &l hail the Lordls A - noint - ed, J; - ho - vah's bless - kd Son!
2. He brings de - liv - 'rance speed - y To those who suf - fer wrong;
3. To him let praise un - oeas - ing And dai - ly thanks as - cend;
1. A- rise! A-rise! YOU hdsts df God, Gird firm your ax - mor n.
2. Hecalls! Hecalls! With joy we haste To join him in the light.
3. No more at ease will we sit down, But in his strength we eo.
The time has come for all to fight Till vic - t'iy has been won.
With bold - ness, trust - ing in his grace, We fear not an - y foe.
He gives them songs for sigh - ing, Their dark-nessturns to light,
The right - eous world will nev - er
His love cease to pro - elaim;
To take a - way tram - gres - sion, And rule in eq - ui - ty.
+hen rise and join him in the ranks;'~is 'truth will be our song.
With ioy - a1 and with faith-fnl hearts, We la - bor on his side.
The - oc - ra - cy
will ev - er Up - hold Je - ho - vah'sname.
His strength will bear our spir - its up To bat - tle for the right.
He comes to break op - pres - sion, To set the cap - tives free,
Whose souls, condemned and dy - ing, Were pre - cious in his sight.
As firm we stand un - to the end, Till your tri - um-phant hour!
4 LL "Be Glad, You Nations, with His People!"
(Romans 15: 10, Rotherham)
Hosannas for David's Son!
(Psalm 118: 22,251
JuMlantlv: with vigor!
.. Earnestlv; with vigor!
1. Be glad, you na-tions, with his peo - ple! The IGng-dom is at hand,
2. Be glad, yon na-tions, Rith his peo - ple! This world is near the brink
3. Be glad,,yon na-tions, with his pco - ple! Go tell from door to door
2. Zi - on, that de - pot - ed cit - y, Dear-ly
3. In your tern - ple, where we bless you, Grant u
loved of
s grace to e
God on high,
itand each day;
I I The Sig - nal stands up - on &fount Zi - on;
Ar - ma - ged-don's des - o - la-tion;
Re - joice in ev - '17 land l
In ex - nlt - ant jn - bi - la - tion Pours out heart-felt me1 - o - dy,
While men praise their A - born - i - na-tion And spurn the Prince of Peace,
Ho - ly Zi - on's help for - ev - er, And her con - fi - dence a - 1
pub - lic -
you they sl
Wehail that Prince with ex - ul - ta- tion; He ev - er will in-crease!
Fer - vent lg our loud ho - san - nas We for Da - vid's Sull
1. Christ, the New world's sure foun-da-tion, Is the tem-pleTs cor-ner-ston
It's near - er than they think!
The good news of Je - ho - vah's king-dom ; Yes, tell it more and more,
The sev - en Gen-tile times havc end-ed; Their kings have had their day.
That princ - es then will rule in jus-tice, A King in right - eous - ness.
Be glad, you na-tions, with his pea - ple! Je - ho - ah's King holds sway!
Be glad, you na-tions, with his peo- ple! Seme God in faith - ful-ness!
Blessed Are the People!
(Psalm 89: 15)
Blessed Are the People! (Concluded)
Happily; with steady movement
I( stud - ies his Word.
Heed his King-dom mes - sage and
1. Bless-ed are the peo - ple Who know the joy-fd sound,With whom your truth
let your faith
3. Do not lose your cour-age Tho man - y turn a - way, Tho they the truth
walk in hisrways ; Prove your de - vo - tion sing-ing forth his praise!
is found, Who spread it all a-round; For they will ev - er walk In the
7 ."
His Word Is Truth
a -.bound; Make earth with praise re-sound. Je - ho - vah has pro - vid - ed A
gam-say; Still watch and fight and pray; For we must stand the test And in-
(John 17: 11)
Tenderly; in a sustained manner
1. Bless - ed Bi - ble, pre-cious Word, Truth most sa - cred from the Lord;
2. It's a lamp of pur - est light Guid - ing feet thru depths of night;
3. It's a spring of wa - ter clear Of - f'ring life to all that hear.
4. God's Word is in-spired and true; Gives re - proof, in - struc - tion too;
I light of face, Piid-ing, as they serve, Rich supplies of yourgrace.
teAg n - ty dis - play. Hav-ing God's ap - prov - al, Care not what men say.
To his name let praise be giv'n For this. gra-cious gift from heav'n.
And the torch of lib - er - ty; Yes, its"truthwil1 set you free".
one; Who -so - ev - er will may come.
That his serv-ants per - fcct - ly For good works equipped will be.
Bless'd is the na-tion whose God is the Loril; Bless'd is theman who dai-ly
2. Sa - tan and his le-gions Are press-ing all a-round; So
&-age for the meek; He will all those shield Who his righteousness seek.
Free - ly +ink, 0 thirst - y
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