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The Bee and the Eagle
The Bee and the Eagle
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War, Culture and Society, 1750–1850
Series Editors: Rafe Blaufarb (Tallahassee, USA), Alan Forrest (York, UK), and
Karen Hagemann (Chapel Hill, USA)
Editorial Board: Michael Broers (Oxford, UK), Christopher Bayly (Cambridge,
UK), Richard Bessel (York, UK), Sarah Chambers (Minneapolis, USA), Laurent
Dubois (Durham, USA), Etienne François (Berlin, Germany), Janet Hartley
(London, UK), Wayne Lee (Chapel Hill, USA), Jane Rendall (York, UK), Reinhard
Stauber (Klagenfurt, Austria)
Titles include :
Alan Forrest and Peter H. Wilson ( editors )
Napoleonic France and the End of the Holy Roman Empire, 1806
Alan Forrest, Karen Hagemann and Jane Rendall ( editors )
Experiences and Perceptions of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars,
1790 –1820
Forthcoming :
Karen Hagemann, Gisela Mettele and Jane Rendall ( editors )
The Wars of Revolution and Liberation – Transatlantic
Comparisons, 1775–1820
Alan Forrest, Etienne François and Karen Hagemann ( editors )
The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in Nineteenth and
Twentieth Century Europe
Richard Bessel, Nicholas Guyatt and Jane Rendall ( editors )
War, Culture and Society, 1750–1850
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The Bee and the Eagle
Napoleonic France and the
End of the Holy Roman Empire, 1806
Edited by
Alan Forrest
Professor of Modern History, University of York
Peter H. Wilson
GF Grant Professor of History, University of Hull
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Editorial matter, selection, introduction © Alan Forrest and
Peter H. Wilson 2009
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The bee and the eagle : Napoleonic France and the end of the
Holy Roman Empire, 1806 / edited by Alan Forrest and Peter H. Wilson.
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN-13: 978–0–230–00893–9
1. France – Foreign relations – 1789–1815. 2. Holy Roman Empire –
History – 1648–1804. 3. Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769–1821 –
Relations with Europeans. 4. Napoleon I, Emperor of the French,
1769–1821 – Relations with Germans. 5. Napoleonic Wars, 1800–1815 –
Campaigns – Germany. 6. Napoleonic Wars, 1800–1815 – Campaigns – Austria.
I. Forrest, Alan I. II. Wilson, Peter H. (Peter Hamish)
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