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great Apoalk of the Oeadlw who was e. " Hebrew of
the Hebrews," and whom but &hetiom were ever exer-
cised on tbehhalf of bL omnatkn, dray. inculaled
od the mindr of the Gentilr disciples, who had embnged
hefaith of Christ, a .imilw disposidon toad the seed
of Abraham, u an essential durp. For your des did he
declare hirmrelf'rilling to relinquish any sdsmugm which
he either possessed or expected, if such dm
been thq rneana of wring " hie brethren, hie Wen
amdigto the flesh:" and 80 those who "were LneliLeS
did he ssse* when beaddred the Romw, tbat " per-
tained the adoption, and lk &y, and the cmnoatr, md
the giok 4 the lam, md tbe ,hcc of God, and lk
prmirM; whose are the fdh&irr, and of whom, an con-
=&ing ;hefish (") CArirt, (or the Anointed One,) who
ir over dl, Gal bkrued fir ever." Aninuted by a similar
regad to your nation, as WM by rhis holy Apoatle.
I submit to ,,our attention many clcumst~~fea
cern your future welEw. .
In enumerating these pt
which con-
and emld ~ri&~s
yarr Nstion,Phieh ad very soon be prored to ~ppr&
LO you, .s your real wi mubsuntial inberillace; your dia-
ting"hd Countryman, who wu bmugha up at the kt 01"
of your met cebbntad RPbbiea, md who
in yo- Iaw, and in dl the pmmise. of
Descndcrrr of lk Ycnerobk Abruham,
you M a people, lad who pbiniy
which. according to the mi=,
nsraions of Pmvidonce, we= at
upon you; &at intelligent man
be'wrs then witbg, that IIM
. u a rum b. Lho voisa of Mercy &Uki
Amonposit& '
od~rxdw. IX
Tn*citLchuIknmctJ&. rdwtb
your oppemm, io veWm of rb.
rhrt the Kingdm dd %avert," or tb 6cd wool,
1. is oigh st hand," nnd thrr your " DeLlomr, who ir to '
amecut of Ziw," rapdly
thu the iq'ul%
(PeradcB your Nati,.u .iooe rhe 6zs doobion
whcait.bm&a,a ths pkof Io
ba said to be wr away, could not bsre bkn
by -1 LQOLW nvutnly h.nd. The ruaa pmphet
rrpmwmt. yars Ltvra prosperity by r Lib flgurr ' tbe
tree lxtumth her hit; the rxmnjza .nd I& & 86
ykld theu strew: ii. eP. Then i. it tht .U Lhe pro
tirim are drily prcrntad by y
the throne of Lbe Lord GCd of y
would .bower down his hssring
in Lhe dumt 7 yet aem tbs fodmtbot. of rho sow
droerrs gwr cams among ahs foremat rn padown rho
JOIY Nhn ue (9 bs v& in
. YW
IO cbdvw ofyour Nh; md, P..
when he prrdiewd hi& om r.coad
#@.Ofit, .I&.
hold tbo WIO-?~~,
d dl Ilb Irsc., when
,w CmCitp*ay;& bnncbhf~
m&h whits." 4. 'I. A more pcdm pic(ura drhe PBiicLioru
of Zion, .od by rue her dralling-w. CPn
Chhr 6,
yau reptrt
and cohyour AN, posn though you ?so urn1 out 60
Lhs moat ht
'rhe bs ,lnurg tk OnJih.: duril~grhlch Jendm
Ir robe tmdden down of the Gentiles, u deemby Christ,
.nd by the ~pstle Paul, as well u by the heopk~Job~
in his vision of rhs two aitru.urs, are cbembre wue*
tionably the '"ii~11, lime#, ad 5 iblL'' predica by he
pmphet Dmiel, when yotu desolation b to eeore; md he
define# these times to be ~wko Ardcd old rirry Joy# or
wrr. The kingdom of the Kvmana, which a- IIX
fourth kingdam predicted by Daniel, M "the feet and to-
oliron .nd. of the tyrnnniul inloge, ud a. the
fouah be-8, "dredfuil ard terribk opd dr0.g croeek,
;.gly,'. ia certainly atill in existonce. About cighreen
hundred yurs since, it proved iwY u dreadful emmy of
your Nation, md -pled your Kingdom under fmt ; but.
bad the twelve hhodd snd sixty or twelve baDdred md
nioe* ym
men In Ih M of
yolu enemlca, uwngn rhcse by wbm you my hs hdd
cap4iye. IOU Oh.U obtain kvour, nnd be .g.in @ml
hm nmong.~them. The " bro-rak" oil Jud.h in Iho
now boating fonh, .od il ia a polidvs bok- (b yau
Ddireter rill speedily appear.
You k not i-ruible
par@ of rbe d.
that then bere ari.sn, in
rhea latter day4 wy wcietia. who devote themwlvea
to Qrc-
cbe =red recoda omdc-
podred in your truat; wd that thy hva .en& Brih mm
in mery diroctim ro rouw the attention of the worM to
Out Holy Volumw, end pmpgnc rbe mlh. which it 1
=OR+ If LhB " IIM~P." mp-a you Nation, '
rben do Ihe : d4.w &re*" ~poken of by Cbrisr qudy
6ymbol.b otbsr mtwm For a prod d th4 I WQ~
mkr you to your QWR hophe\, &hid, rho prdh
th.C-rbsn rh d -pl IL &kt &-h g/. glu
*qfLvbawn.h.U k=~pls&npm cbe"high mcrun-
(da and -mi," even " upon Ihs raouobin 0thbaht
of Dlniel referred ro &at hihgdpm in par-
tic&. as " the abomi~ticnwhich dethdesobk." then
wMJd tlpe times hn;e lq rince efpired.--yo~lr dip- -
pnion would hare rrd,-you would WW be ~stod .
and plLOtCd
in your om lu!d,*
Lhe 1icb .nd
mde gd
rad beumse a be md ~ve-~prudjlrg
sbdmr pry- of God would hre
City; and, no + c;nnO9 doubt s
that the ptph of God rill be lulhllld, the Rormru
cam h th- -in, +i of, "ss,'rbe pbolninrtion
which m&th dembte i mn co. the # of twelve hun-
dqe;Fed of the
Ibsn."rh.ll dl rLrr~e~g/.rLe~hw
h'rhs ~o.d
'on of your ~io~g
Ed. rr6.
L&-M liopfd a pkma hare thrt rbe n~,b
'bfrhaar(baiJi ~\omt&~*othl~,.nd~,
hngcrcwhhuabruiblc lo tba .yc& tn~tb-dia
JoUr d volUr~;eqd h Out book, dm, rbifb hd,
mn of. yw
(of h1)
to &d."
and sixty, or of twelve hu@& ard ninety, yunhre
rution have minen
. : I
tab$ of pur rptodaa
ate Ma ah* fa& rbcir
of &% '" UIQ-TUE," mi 01
LbrC lbe ''d
OF cBe Yd
k .b-
(id, hre each of them doclad, &I, ah
tlrrough dl ~tionr
you. But you we
bu 4% b diy ~VC
, the am'u~~
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