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2 Why It Is Wise to Examine Your Rellgion .. . . 11
to the God
9 WhoIs God? .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. ..... 17
4 Why We Grow Old and Die . . . . .. . ... . . . 2l
WLo Jd Gracioad to
JBee 3Loae WLO See4
5 Where Are the Dead? . . . .. . ... . ...... 34
6 Jesus Christ, the One Through Whom
God Blesses Mankind ... ... . .. . .. .. 46
7 Are There Wicked Spirits? .. . . ... . .. . .. 55
8 Why Has God Permitted Wickedneso
Until Our Day? . . . . . . ... .. .. .... 65
Jid d/Lgiving YrutL
Goes to Heaven . . . . .. . . . .. ... ... . 75
10 God's Kingdom Comes to Power
D The Reason Why a "Little Flock"
in the Midst of Its Enemiea ..... ... .. 82
11 The Last Days of Thh Wlcked System
0 1968
l2 Righteous Rule Makeg Earth a Paradh .. . .. 102
of Things . .. . .. . .... . .. .. .... . 94
13 The Rue Church and Its Foundation . ... . . . 114
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14 How to Identify the True Religion .. .. . . .. 122
15 "Get Out from Among Them" ... . ...... . 131
16 Popular Customs That Displease God . . ... .. 140
17 How to Pray and Be Heard by God . .... . . . 151
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
Revised in 1981
This Book Is Published in 117 Languages
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The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life
English (tr-E)
Made in the United Ststes of America
18 Christian Obedience to Law ... ... ...... . l5l
19 Godly Respect for Weand Blood . .... .. . . 163
!20 Building a Happy Family Llfe .. ....... . . 170
22 True Worship-a Way of Llie . ..... .. . . .I81
Unlsrs othenvlse Indicated Scripture uotatloni In thl boo are
pmthe modern-Ian uapd Ner~ %'or% Tmnrlot(on o/l the %oiv
orlptures. revised e&tion of 1961.
Abbreviations of name8 of other Blble vemlw quoted:
AT -The Bible: An American R.lulatlo& by J. Brmtb UId
E. Goodsm, of 1935.
AV -Authorm or Klng James Vemlon Blbl* ol l6lL
D# -Roman Catholic Douay Vemlon. ol lsla
1 Grand Blessings from God Near at Hand! ... 5
21 Your Decision to Serve God . .. . . . . .... . . Is1
Grand Blessings born
God nearat %andl
I I "God . . . will wipe out every tear from their eyes,
0 YOU want to live in peace and happiness?
Do you desire good health and long life for
yourself and your loved ones? Do you long to see
wickedness and suffering end? Every honest-
hearted person wants these things. But today, in
all parts of the earth, violence, crime, hunger and
sickness are increasing. Why is the world so filled
with trouble? What does it all mean? Is there any
sound reason to believe that conditions will really
get better in our lifetime?
'Yes, there is reason for such hope, and it is
clearly set out in a book that is published in more
languages than any other book in the world. That
book is the Bible. It tells us of God's purpose to
set up an entirely new system of things for man-
kind. If you had the power to do so, would you not
bring to an end the conditions that cause so much
sorrow? Of course you would! Should we think
that the Creator of mankind will do any less? The
Bible tells us that "God is love." (1 John 4:s)
Surely this loving heavenly Father knows what
mankind needs. He has the power to fill those
needs, and he will most certainly do so, for Psalm
1. In vlew of ramscnlng world condltlona, what questions nriw?
1. (8) What book glvem un remfor hop? (b) Why can we
and death will be no more, neither will mourning
nor outcry nor pain be any more."-Rev. 21:3. 4.
mmonablg thhk that the lovlag CMab nill bring an end to
condttlons that caw lorrow?
145:16* says of God: "You are opening your hand
and satisfying the desire of every living thing."
See also Deuteronomy 32:4.
'When will God satisfy man's desire for true
peace and happiness, along with lasting health
and life? Must mankind wait for thousands of
years more? No! The time is near at hand! But
how can this be? Conditions in the world are get-
ting worse, not better. True, but the Bible clearly
showed, long in advance, that these very condi-
tions would be proof that we are living in the "last
days" of the present wicked system. (2 Timothy
3:l-5) Soon the loving Creator will bring to their
end both wickedness and those who cause it. But
God will richly bless honest-hearted ones who
want to do what is right, for he promises: "The
world is passing away and so is its desire, but he
that does the will of God remains forever."
-1 John 2:17.
'What a change this earth will experience!
There will be no more war, nor will there be any
of the suffering that war brings. Hatred, selfish-
ness, crime and violence will all be things of the
past. Instead, there will be perfect peace and se-
curity on earth. God's own Word declares: "Just
a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no
mourning nor outcry nor pain be any more. . . .
Look! I am making all things new." (Revelation
21:4, 5)" That is something that no human ruler,
no scientist, no doctor can do; but it is something
that God will do. Is it reasonable that God's only
purpose for man is that he spend twenty years
growing up, perhaps another twenty or thirty
years gaining knowledge and experience, and
shortly thereafter begin to grow old, suffer from
sickness and die? Why should man's life be so
short when even a turtle may live to the age of
two hundred years and a tree may live far longer?
God made man to live, not to die. The Creator
promises that soon it will be possible to enjoy life
everlastingly, right here on earth. (Isaiah 25:8)
With peace-loving neighbors, good health and
satisfying activity to All our lives, what a pleasure
that will be!
more; . . . the meek ones themselves will possess
the earth, and they will indeed lind their exquisite
delight in the abundance of peace." (Psalm 37:10,
11 [36:10,11, Dy]) Such peace will exist, not only
3. (a) Will It be a long time yet before God satlsAes man's
deriri far peace and hippinesil (b) Of what are worsening
world conditions a proof?
4 (a) In God's new sgstem, what causes for unhappiness wffl
ie thlnga of the past? (b) How wlll God fu1811 his promh
01 peace7
- - -
* The Bible book of Revelatlon is called Apocalypse In
the Douay Verdon.
5. (a) In the new nystem, what will happen to sickness and
death? (b) What questions arlse about man's present short
between nations, but among neighbors and in
every household. Think what a grand blessing that
could be to you! And how reassuring to know that
the fulfillment of this heartwarming promise does
not depend on men! It is God who will bring it
about. How? By destroying the wicked and by
educating his people in the ways of peace.-Prov-
erbs 2:21, 22; Isaiah 54:13.
"mong the many blessings that people will
enjoy in the new system of God's making is good
health. Even death, which brings much sorrow
to all of us, will be no more. The Creator's promise
is: "And [God] will wipe out every tear from their
eyes, and death will be no more, neither will
Paalrn 144:lE. Douav Version.
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