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Earnings disclaimer:
Earnings or profits derived from participating in the following
program are entirely generated by the ambitions, motivation,
desires, and abilities of the individual reader and nothing is
guaranteed. I don’t know you personally and I can’t guarantee
anything in regards of earnings. How much you can earn using
this system is entirely up to you and your capabilities.
Giveaway Rights License:
[YES] Cаn sell
[YES] Mіght bе offered аѕ bonus tο a paid product
[YES] Mіght bе sold fοr аnу price уου want
[YES] Mіght bе packaged
[YES] Mіght bе added tο PAID membership sites
[YES] Mіght bе given away fοr list building
[NO] Cаn claim copyright
[NO] Cаn be modified/edited
Alright guys, let's get straight to the method…
Here is what you need for this method to work:
Facebook account(s)
Join Amazon Associate Program
Before we start, make sure you have an Amazon Associate
Account (Affiliate Program account). This is how you will be
making money. By promoting products from Amazon.com!
TIP: When signing up, you will be asked to provide your
website address. Don't panic if you don't have one! You can
overcome this problem by simply finding any amateur looking
.wordpress.com or .blogspot.com blog and entering the URL of that
website. Amazon don't check or ask for a confirmation of your
website. This will get you approved!
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Finding hot and popular products to
The next step is finding what’s popular and sells. Amazon has
thousands upon thousands of products to promote, but don't be
confused or overhelmed by that number. There is one simple little
tactic that will let you to find the most popular products on Amazon.
I'm talking about the Amazon.com Bestsellers List.
Click here to see the list - http://www.amazon.com/bestsellers
This is what people are buying even right this minute when you
are reading this guide! You don't need to reinvent the wheel,
you want to sell products that sells like crazy! To browse the
bestsellers by the Category, simply click on any Categery on the left
side of the Amazon.
Ok, now when you have some products to promote, choose any
product you like, grab the title and the affiliate link of the product and
put it in to the Excel or any other document (we will be using it later
when creating our fan page).
SUPER TIP: This guide is free, which means a lot of marketers
will be doing the exact same thing promoting the best sellers by
copying the same title name over and over again. That means, they
will compete with each other! So, if you want to take things to the
higher level, I highly recommend to get a Keyword Scout (keyword
research tool).
Here's some advantages you will get by using this tool over your
1. You will find less competitive and higher volume keywords
for the product (which results less to none work on SEO and faster
top rankings on Google!)
2. You will find various different keywords for the same product
(you won't be competing with others marketers that use the same
3. Having more keywords for the same products will let you to
create as many fan pages you want to completely dominate the
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