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Brands Hatch played host to the inaugural BMW Car magazine track
day, which, despite the winter weather, proved to be a huge success
R ain, wind and cold are usually not the best combination of elements for the ideal track day. The corners
may be wider on a race track, and there’s less of a chance of anything coming the other way, but it
always takes a delicate touch to get the most out of powerful rear-wheel drive machinery in the wet,
even more so when the wipers are at full chat and the car in front has disappeared in a cloud of mist.
It wasn’t quite a full monsoon for BMW Car magazine’s inaugural outing at Kent’s famous Brands Hatch
circuit, but it was still damp enough to give us cause for concern on the day.
Happily, it seems that our readers are made of sterner stuff. The morning’s briefing session was filled to the
rafters with drivers and passengers who had taken the first Thursday in December off work to blast their
respective pride and joy around the twisty 1.2-mile Brands Indy, and we counted 60-plus cars lined up in the
paddock and pit garages.
The range of machinery was also highly impressive, with a particularly strong showing from local BMW track
and motorsport specialists Bexley Motor Works and ETA Motorsport, both sporting a selection of serious looking
track-prepared E36 and E30s, as well as Hartge specialist Birds.
The West London-based company had arrived en-masse with a number of customer cars, as well its new Six
Series demonstrator, which was on display in the pitlane. It was also great to see the Birds-tuned Z8 that graced
the cover of the recent December issue being put to good use around Brands. The retro Roadster is a rare
enough sight on the roads, let alone on a track day, so to watch it dicing with all the other traffic on the Brands
bends was a real treat.
With regards to former featured cars, we also spied the Evolve-fettled Z3 M Roadster that we test-drove in the
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Above left: ‘BMW Butchers’ 3 Series track car was distinctive to say
the least. Above right: local track day and motorsport specialist ETA
Motorsport are no strangers to Brands, with Geoff’s venerable E12
taking up pride of place in the pitlane. Wintery conditions didn’t
spoil the fun, with over 60 cars enjoying the day
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Hartge specialist Birds was out in force at Brands.
New 6 Series demonstrator featured Hartge front end and
alloys, while tuned Z8 impressed on the twisty Indy
Autumn of last year. It was owner Jason Harper’s first ever track day and, despite a minor excursion onto the grass
at Surtees in the morning session, it was encouraging to see him find some real pace in the afternoon, thanks to
some expert guidance from the Brands Hatch instructors.
Another car worthy of note for entirely different reasons was an old E30 that had been modified with some
rather unusual accessories. Looking more like something that would appear on Scrap Heap Challenge than on
the starting grid of a race circuit, the venerable Three Series had been chopped, hacked and butchered (well, the
owners did call themselves the ‘BMW Butchers’) to such an extent that we weren’t quite sure if it was even going
to make it to the end of the pitlane. It did, however, surprise us all by running faultlessly all day, not the fastest car
on track to be sure, but certainly one of the more eye-catching. It also goes to show just how much punishment
an E30 can take and still keep going. They don’t make ’em like they used to, you know…
On the opposite end of the scale was a pristine, white E92 M3 that was lapping at an incredible pace, proving
that the new M3, in the right hands, is truly a formidable piece of engineering, especially in a track environment.
What was equally as impressive was how well all those that ventured on to the track, coped with the slippery
surface. It’s very rare for a track day to finish without at least a couple of stoppages, because after all, it’s perhaps
the only opportunity all year that some owners really get to let rip in their cars without fear of having their collar
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Below: white is definitely the way forward
with the new M3, the E92 putting in some
seriously fast laps around Brands Hatch
felt by the Boys in Blue. With this in mind it was testament to everyone that took part on the day that the
red flag was waved on only a couple of occasions. This, combined with the open pitlane format, meant
that everyone was left to enjoy a maximum time on track, a real bonus considering the lack of daylight
in December.
As it was, end of play was called at just after 3.30pm, the setting sun finally calling a halt to the
proceedings. The rain had let up slightly in the afternoon, allowing a little more heat in the tyres, although
the general consensus seemed to be that the puddles made the day even more enjoyable.
A goodie bag and free CD of pics from the event were provided for all those who wished to take
home some memories of the day, with many already giving a thumbs up for a return visit to Brands
Hatch at some point in the spring or early summer.
With such a good response from our first track day, let’s just say that plans are definitely being made
for a second, although while it will no doubt be bigger and better, with a few more star attractions,
passenger rides and hopefully fine weather, we don’t have any firm dates to tempt you with just yet.
Don’t worry, we’ll give plenty of notice, although once we do, book early to avoid disappointment if
you’re hoping to beat the rush and bag a place
MotorSport Vision Tel: 01474 872331, Web: www.motorsportvision/trackdays
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