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“How To Make Money Selling Other People’s Stuff In 3 Hours Or Less Each Week”
Lesson #1
How To Make Money Selling  
Other People’s Stuff In   
3 Hours Or Less  Each Week 
Mark Thompson
Paul Evans
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“How To Make Money Selling Other People’s Stuff In 3 Hours Or Less Each Week”
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“How To Make Money Selling Other People’s Stuff In 3 Hours Or Less Each Week”
In today’s lesson we’re going to cover a LOT of ground. Fortunately,
at the end of the day, your action steps will take relatively little time.
You’ll probably spend more time this week “working” by reading this
But, it’s all important foundational stuff, so I need to cover it all. By
the end of today’s lesson you’ll have a picture perfect look at how to
build your affiliate business. You’ll also have made some key decisions
in choosing WHAT you’ll be promoting. Sounds great!
Ready? Let’s dive in together…
4 Stages Of The Affiliate Business Model
There are four basic stages of the affiliate business model that I’d like
to explain to you. Let me give them to you in abbreviated form first
and then we’ll dig in deeper…
1) STRATEGY . The initial stage of the affiliate business model is
developing a basic plan of attack. This will be your overall
strategy for producing sales through your affiliate link. We’ll
cover this today .
2) SELECTION . After getting a good understanding of how to
make money as an affiliate, it’s time to make some crucial
decisions. You’ll need to select a market, a product to promote
as an affiliate and a domain name in order to begin building your
affiliate commissions. We’ll cover this today.
3) SETUP . Once your foundational decisions are in place, it’s time
to begin setting up two important things that will enable you to
build significant income as an affiliate: a blog (free) and a list
(free to low-cost). We’ll cover this over the next few
4) SELLING . You’ll spend the majority of your time in this final
stage. This is the place where you promote your affiliate link
over and over again. There are a wide variety of ways to do this
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“How To Make Money Selling Other People’s Stuff In 3 Hours Or Less Each Week”
and we’ll be covering ALL of the proven effective ones. We’ll
begin this in a few weeks and continue for the remainder
of our year together.
Now, all of this sounds really exciting, I know. So, let’s go ahead and
begin looking at each of these stages in greater detail. We’ll also
make some foundational decisions to build your affiliate business
SIDEBAR: Let me remind you that today’s lesson and
next week’s lesson will be much longer than most.
This is only to give you a good understanding of how
things are going to work and to get everything setup
to hit the ground running. Your “assignment” for the
week will only require 1-3 hours of time.
Let’s talk about these stages of the affiliate business model...
1) STRATEGY . The first thing we need to do is create a basic plan for
you to put into action over the coming weeks and months. I’m going
to give this to you in a nutshell and then explain why it’s important
that you approach the affiliate business in this manner.
Create a blog and a list that are designed to get sales for your
affiliate link and then direct as many people to your blog and
list as possible.
I know, I know. At first glance you may be thinking, “I thought I was
going to promote my affiliate link!” Trust me, you will. But in doing it
this way you’ll dramatically increase your affiliate commission
checks .
Let me explain some keys to success with affiliate marketing and then
we’ll get back to this strategy. Hold on tight, you’re about to get a
serious education in affiliate marketing.
Here's how a lot of people promote their favorite offer…
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“How To Make Money Selling Other People’s Stuff In 3 Hours Or Less Each Week”
-> They simply advertise their affiliate link and send
visitors directly to the website where the product
salesletter awaits.
Two quick questions for you regarding this practice:
1) Who gets the ultimate benefit?
2) What happens to those who don't buy?
Think about this for a moment. When you send a visitor to the
salespage, who gets the ultimate benefit of your effort?
I'll give you a hint : it's NOT YOU.
The owner of the product does. Why? Because if they are any kind of
marketer at all, they'll have a LIST of some kind for visitors to join.
And then they get to promote to that subscriber over and over again.
And not just their products, but they can promote other people's
products as well.
SIDEBAR: To be sure, they'll likely spend the first
few follow-up offers to promote their own offer and
you WILL likely earn a commission on referrals,
everybody knows the real value is in the long-term
offers being sent. Any of these future offers that
they send promoting other stuff leaves you out of the
And while you got them that subscriber through your effort, you ain't
getting paid a penny for all of those future sales.
Moving on to that second question. The average salesletter gets
around 2% conversion. That means 98 out of ever 100 people you
send to the site will NOT buy. What happens to those folks? They
either walk away empty-handed never to be seen again, or they join
the list and get a variety of offers presented to them. Either way, it's
not going to help you in the long run.
That's a LOT of wasted effort, isn't it? You're looking at a relatively
small payday for your investment of time and money in getting visitors
to click thru your affiliate link.
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