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For All Styles
Iain Abernethy
Arm-Locks for All Styles
Copyright © Iain Abernethy 2004
1st Edition
All rights reserved. The right of Iain Abernethy to be identified as the
author of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright,
Designs and Patents Act of 1988. No part of this book may be
reproduced by any means, nor translated into machine language,
without the written permission of the publisher.
Published by: NETH Publishing, PO Box 38, Cockermouth,
Cumbria, CA13 0GS, United Kingdom.
In association with Summersdale Publishers Ltd, 46 West Street,
Chichester, PO19 1RP, United Kingdom.
Cover Illustration and Photographs by Peter Skillen Studio.
Typesetting by NETH Publishing.
Printed and Bound in Great Britain by Bookcraft (Bath) Ltd, Midsomer
Norton, Somerset.
A CIP Catalogue record for this book is available from the British
ISBN: 0 9538932 3 5
Important note : The author, publishers and distributors of this book do
not accept any responsibility for any prosecutions or proceedings
brought or instituted against any person or body as a result of the use or
misuse of the information or any techniques described in this book or
any loss, injury or damage caused thereby. Some of the techniques and
training methods described in this book require high levels of skill and
physical fitness. The techniques and methods described within this book
must only be practised by those in good health whilst under qualified
Andrew and Jill Abernethy, Peter Skillen, Murray Denwood,
Fred Moore, Jim Hopkins, Gary Herbert, Craig Strickland, Paul
Cartmell, Rob Gate, Doug James and all the instructors and
students of Chojinkai, Gordon Harrison, Geoff Thompson, Peter
Consterdine and Dawn, Stewart Ferris and all at Summersdale
Publishers, Tim and Stuart Eyrl, Roddie Grant and the team at
My Word, Dan Redmond, Jeremy Hancock, Carl Steffensen and
all at Bookcraft, Paul Clifton and all at Traditional Karate and
Combat Magazines, Martyn Goodfellow, Richard Barnes, Tony
Mottram, Bob Sykes, Moira Spencer and all at Martial Arts
Illustrated magazine, all my former colleagues in LAEMG, and all
the martial artists who have so kindly shared their knowledge
with me. This book could never have been written and published
without your guidance and support.
I’d also like to thank all those who have purchased my previous
material, who organised and attended the seminars, who wrote to
voice their support, and everyone who has subscribed to my
mailing list. Your unwavering support is hugely appreciated.
Above all, I’d like to thank my beautiful wife Helen and our two
sons, David and Rhys, for their love, support and all the
happiness that they bring me.
I would like to express my gratitude to my Mum and Dad,
potentially dangerous and must not be attempted by anyone
unless they are under expert supervision. Any persons attempting
any of the activities described in this book do so entirely at their
own risk. All readers are encouraged to be aware of, and adhere
to, all appropriate laws relating to self-defence.
T he methods described and demonstrated in this book are
Chapter 1: Principles of Arm-Locks
Chapter 2: The Role of Kata, Hyungs and Forms
Chapter 3: Safety in Training
Chapter 4: Wrist-Locks
Chapter 5: Straight Arm-Locks
Chapter 6: Bent Arm-Locks
Chapter 7: Transition Drills
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