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Fast-Play Tabletop Wargame Rules For Combined-Arms Operations, 1946+
Errata (1st Print, 2006)
Page 74. American Army, Vietnam War
Please use the CO (Command Value 9) and HQ (Command Value 8) from the American Army list on page 102. Add
the LVTP-5 from the same list. Add Centurion, 20pdr from the British Army list on page 106 - this is for ANZAC
battlegroups only, not US battlegroups. You may substitute ANZAC infantry for US Conscripts for the minimum
required units when creating ANZAC battlegroups.
Page 77. North Vietnamese Army, Vietnam War
Infantry Unit (NVA/VC Regulars) should have a limit of 3/-
Page 112. West German Army, Cold War/Modern
Increase the save value of the Leopard 2A5 to 3 (240 points).
Page 120. Soviet Army, Cold War/Modern
Tank Unit (T-80, ERA, ATGW) is missing the ATGW attacks from the notes section. This should read: 6/150 attacks
against armour, guns, soft-vehicles, helicopters and constructions using ATGW (AT-8 Songster). The cost should be
230 points.
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