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Fermentation Biotechnology, Copyright, Foreword
Fermentation Biotechnology
Fermentation Biotechnology
Badal C. Saha, Editor
Agricultural Research Service
US. Department of Agriculture
Sponsored by tbe
ACS Division of Biochemical Technology
American Chemical Society, Washington, DC
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Fermentation biotechnology / Badal C. Saha, editor.
p. cm.--(ACS symposium series ; 862)
"Sponsoredby the ACS Division of Biochemical Technology."
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0-841 2-3845-6
1. Fermentation-Congresses.
I. Saha, Badal C., 1949- 11. American Chemical Society. (224th : 2002 ; Boston,
Mass.) 111. Series.
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e Fermentation biotechnology
The ACS Symposium Series was first published in 1974 to pro-
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purpose of the series is to publish timely, comprehensive books devel-
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