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(Max H. Williams, Monroe, Louisiana, USA, 2008-2009)
Author’s Note
In recent years, scientists have learned how to locate, focus on, and lock onto a
person’s brain by remote to manipulate that person’s thoughts and thus his actions.
Mind control assaults now loom as one of the main challenges of the 21 st century. The
targeted person often never discovers that he has become a mind control victim, and
he ends up hurting others, taking his own life, or simply becoming another “Alzheimer”
statistic. This paper discusses some of the elements of what I call electronic stalking
and mind control (ESMC).
While writing this paper, the people who monitor me electronically and continually
interfere with my computer and emails and tap my phones often entered my PC to
make changes in the narrative to discourage me and try to make me look crazy.
Keeping the paper intact and ensuring accuracy have been a constant battle. Even
now, after finishing the paper, when I go back to add a salient point, I often find that a
portion has been altered or deleted. Powerful forces do not want papers such as this
one written and disseminated.
Fortunately the internet brings together targeted individuals (TIs) of electronic torture
and mind control from all conceivable backgrounds. Race and ethnicity, color, gender,
religion, politics, philosophical views, and all other human characteristics and thought
fade into obscurity as targets unite to conquer their unseen enemies. This paper is
written principally for those victims.
Some readers may find this paper objectionable when I talk about who initiated my
ESMC and who probably continues to manage it by proxy. Nevertheless, I hope that
the reader can get past those objections and read the entire content. Targeted
individuals will readily identify with what I talk about in this paper. Those who are not
TIs but who are intellectually curious about electronic and mind control assault will
learn much about a sick attack on tens of thousands of targets that also indirectly
affects everybody in those targets’ lives.
The human resources and the enormous cost required to carry out electronic stalking
and mind control, re-enforced in many cases by gang stalking, almost certainly limit its
use to governments. Only governments can mobilize the enormous outlay of funds
and successfully camouflage the use of those funds. Only governments have the
sophisticated equipment and computers required for electronic abuse and mind
control. Only governments can train in secrecy the cadre of handlers who administer
the electronic assault and mind control activities, using deception and psychology.
Even mega corporations and businesses would not be able to carry out electronic
assault and mind control in secrecy unless they did so under cover of government
work and with government protection. Several countries, including the United States
of America, have experimented with directed energy weaponry and mind control for
many years.
Everybody who realizes that he has become a targeted individual for electronic
stalking and mind control has his story. However, he usually has no idea who might
have targeted him. In my case, overwhelming evidence points clearly to the
perpetrators of my electronic stalking and mind control. The Israelis or pro-Israel
elements of the U. S. Government targeted me in a South American country no later
than the mid-1970’s. Let me back up to explain.
I was working for the U. S. Government in South America when the 1973 Arab-Israeli
War broke out. As a Ph.D. in history, I like to do my own analyses of events instead of
accepting the media’s and the government’s versions; thus, I began looking into the
background of the conflict, including all three Arab-Israeli Wars.
While conducting research, I became intrigued by Israel’s air attack on the U.S.S.
Liberty during the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. In that attack, Israel used unmarked aircraft,
supported by Israeli torpedo boats, to strafe and bomb the Liberty, killing thirty-seven
American sailors. (In contrast, the attack on the U.S.S. Cole in 2000 by Arab
extremists killed only seventeen American sailors. Guess which incident the media
played up.) Investigators found that Israel clearly knew that the plainly-marked Liberty
was American and sought to blame their attack on Egypt; nevertheless, the United
States accepted Israel’s claim that it was an accident.
As a result of my research on Arab-Israeli relations, I came to see that Israel was not
at all the poor beleaguered nation that U. S. media portrayed but instead pursued
internal and foreign policies that caused almost all of the Middle East problems. I also
realized for the first time that the media in the United States skews information
concerning Israel to place that nation in the most favorable light. On the other hand, it
rarely if ever says anything positive about Arabs or Moslems.
Shortly after my “enlightenment,” pro-Israel Americans with whom I worked started
testing my views. Were it not for their attempts to intimidate me, I may have become
only moderately anti-Israel. As it was, I became increasingly vocal in expressing my
condemnation of Israel’s policies.
One day as I left from work and was walking home, a swarthy, middle-aged, rather
short man fell into step with me on the crowded sidewalk. He sidled up closer to me
as we walked and said in a perfectly American-sounding accent, “The Jews control
the United States.” Completely taken aback by his statement, I stammered my
protests. Then, just as suddenly as he had appeared, he disappeared into the crowd.
No inhabitant of that country would have had the slightest interest in my feelings
about Jews. The man was probably either Israeli or a pro-Israel agent of United
States intelligence. That encounter strangely coincided with an official visit to that
country by an American Jew from the Department of State who had close ties to
Only recently have I remembered that in that same country in about 1976 or 1977, I
was suddenly struck with a sense of unnatural overwhelming gloom while in my
bedroom at night before retiring. I had always been an optimistic, outgoing person and
had never had feelings of that type. The sensation returned time after time. In
retrospect, I believe that somebody was either attempting to take over my mind or that
it had already been “hooked.” The perpetrators were doubtlessly trying to induce
anxiety. (More about that later.) The undeveloped country in which I was working had
absolutely no reason or the wherewithal to target me.
In 1978, I was assigned to a different South American country. One of the national
employees who worked in my section was a Jewish woman who had worked with the
Israeli Consulate before that office closed, and then she began working with the U. S.
representation in that country. One day when I had a problem with a molar, I asked
that person to recommend a dentist. She referred me to an older German Jewish
"dentist," who supposedly did a root canal on that tooth. An older woman, perhaps his
wife, served as his assistant in a stark room of their dark, unpleasant-looking
After retirement, in the 1990's, I went to an American dentist with problems with the
same molar on which the South American dentist had supposedly performed the root
canal. The local dentist found in the tooth a tiny cylindrical pin-like object. At the time,
I thought little of it. However, now in retrospect, that little object had to be a tiny "bug."
The South American dentist also wanted to place a filling in-between my two front
teeth, claiming that there was decay between the teeth. He obviously intended to
implant an incredibly tiny camera in that location, for thirty years later those two
teeth remain perfectly sound .
I liked the employee who recommended the dentist, and at the time I had no reason at
all to doubt that she was just a nice, friendly national employee who happened to be
Jewish and who happened to find work with the U. S. Government. When other
employees reported to me that she got to the office early in the morning before I
arrived to go through the papers in my desk, I dismissed those charges as simply
tales manufactured out of jealousy. After I left the country for another assignment, that
employee lost her job. Although I had given her excellent performance evaluations,
she told others that I caused her to be fired. In actuality, I did not find out that she had
been dismissed until much later. In hind sight, I believe that her guilt convinced her
that I had found out about her duplicity. Apparently that employee did not stop working
with the Israelis when she took the job with the U. S. Government.
In the 1970’s, Israeli Nazi hunters were still active in South America. The “dentist”
probably worked with them, and the employee in my office may have also cooperated
in the hunt. One of the contractors who worked with the American Government and
who alternated between Argentina and the country in which I was assigned was
known to be associated with that group. The U. S. Government, in fact, cooperated
with and helped fund the Nazi hunters. The “Nazis” probably included anybody who
opposed Israel and its pro-Israel factions.
The minuscule device implanted by the dentist in South America in the late 1970’s
may have had only limited capability. It was undoubtedly used to listen to my
conversations as well as perhaps to track my movements. Since that time, however,
much more sophisticated, high-tech, intelligence-gathering and mind control
equipment and software have been developed, tested, and put into operation.
Over the years, I have continued to speak out against Israel’s foreign policy and our
support for it. In the 1970’s, I defended the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)
when it was still considered a renegade group, and in 1984 I became a member of the
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee at a time when Americans were being
led by the U. S. media down the anti-Moslem path. I never occupied an important
decision-making position in the government; yet, to the Israelis, an enemy is an
enemy, regardless of his rank. I articulate my thoughts, and my friends respect my
opinions. Thus, I am a threat.
In the early to mid-1980’s, I served in Washington, DC, where my anti-Israel views
became widely known in my work venue. In that city, I subscribed to a small, openly
anti-Israel newspaper called The Spotlight, which often relayed negative doings by
Israel that would never have been published in the mainline media. Every subscriber
to The Spotlight, now defunct, got a place on the pro-Israel hit list. While in
Washington, the IRS, which represents a very powerful pro-Israel tool of the
powerbrokers, audited me twice consecutively.
In 1985, I was reassigned to an African post. Several years later, on the eve of the
Gulf War, when it looked like President George Bush (the elder) planned to attack
Saddam Hussein, I objected to that action. Taking advantage of a process known as
the “dissent channel,” in which American government employees abroad may express
opposition to U. S. foreign policy, I sent several cables to the Secretary of State. In
those cables, I stated my opposition to the war and charged that the principal reason
for the U. S. attacking Hussein was not to assist Kuwait but to fight a proxy war for
Israel to maintain Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. However, the media had
already pumped up the American public to support the so-called Gulf War. I was
among only a handful of thoughtful Americans who opposed that war, and I am quite
sure that my opposition became duly noted by pro-Israel factions within U. S.
intelligence as well as the Israelis. Those people doubtlessly placed me on a “watch”
My cables criticizing both the U. S. and Israel for their Middle East policies may have
triggered much more advanced electronic surveillance. My hind-sight observations tell
me that probably in the early 1990’s pro-Israel elements within the FBI took over my
surveillance from the original perpetrators when I retired and returned to the United
States, probably on the pretended grounds that I was a subversive and a suspected
terrorist. Their mind control assault on me probably began in the late 1980’s or
early-1990’s and increased in intensity over the last ten to fifteen years.
In thinking back over events, I recall that in Africa in the late 1980’s, I heard at night
while trying to sleep what sounded like a ball being bounced on a hard surface. I
asked the night watchman if he had been bouncing a ball, perhaps out of boredom,
and he told me that he had not. I knew that he was telling me the truth. Very obviously
the sounds were intended to disturb my sleep or they were inadvertently done by the
device used to monitor me. In other words, I had already been targeted for mind
When I retired in 1991, I continued speaking out against Israel in conversations with
friends and in letters to editors of newspapers. I knew that elements in U. S.
intelligence loyal to Israel had placed me on their hit list and that they were following
my activities. After retiring, I continued to travel abroad occasionally, usually to
Central America, where I owned property. Once when I returned to the Houston
international airport from one of the trips, a rookie immigration official processed my
entry. A veteran officer stood nearby. When the rookie scanned my passport and
viewed his monitor, he looked perplexed. He turned to the older officer and pointed to
something on his monitor that he obviously did not understand. The veteran officer
took a quick look and said, “ADOD” (Advise Department of Defense).
My computer has been hacked and my phone tapped for years. A recent accidental
discovery strongly suggests that the hackers and phone tappers are Federal agents
or foreign agents working with the permission of U. S. intelligence. Here is what
happened. One day I entered my email Sent File to copy a paragraph that I had
written to a correspondent about the tiny device having been implanted in a molar
while living in South America in 1978. I cut and pasted that paragraph and re-sent it.
Because my computer is monitored and my emails sometimes deleted or changed, I
went back to the Sent box to see if the message had actually gone out. When I
opened the sent message, I was astonished to see three words encased in blue-lined
rectangular boxes: ISRAEL, MIDDLE EAST, and SOUTH AMERICA.
As a former government employee, let me explain why those three areas were
highlighted. Intelligence organizations in every country divide their offices into
geographical areas, including Israel, Middle East, and South America. Copies of my
email went to those three offices in some intelligence agency in some country. Every
U. S. law intelligence agency, including the Department of State and other agencies,
has personnel sections that deal with regional affairs. Whoever monitors my email
spotted my references to Israel, the Middle East, and South America and marked that
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