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Praise for Write to TV
“Martie Cook imparts a tremendous amount of knowledge in a way that is both easy to
understand and entertaining. It is like having a mentor in book form.” — Christopher
Crowe, writer, The Last of the Mohicans
“I think this is about the best book on writing for television out there. I hope it sells
like crazy because television will be better for it.” — Peter Dunne, Emmy and Peabody
Award-Winning Television Producer ( CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, JAG ), Writer
( Melrose Place, Dallas, Knots Landing ), and Book Author ( Emotional Structure — Quill
Driver Books )
“In her new book Write to TV , Martie Cook gives the fledgling writer an insider’s view
of the TV industry and breaking into the writing game. Using her wit, candor and
years of hard-won experience, Martie reports back from the TV trenches and breaks
down everything it takes to make it as a writer. We learn the secrets of a winning spec,
how to find an agent and what to expect when you do finally land that first big job. It’s
all here. She even covers what your script cover should look like. And it’s all in a fun,
personal, practical guide. Where was this book when I was starting out?” — Manny
Basanese, Writer/Producer The Steve Harvey Show and The Wayans Brothers
Write to TV is a must read for anyone even thinking of becoming a TV Writer.” —
Walter Klenhard, writer/director, numerous movies of the week.
“Martie has done a terrific job in laying out a practical, nuts-and-bolts approach to TV
writing. She got it exactly right. Any aspiring writer should read this book before
diving into the cold, show business waters. As an added bonus it can also be used as
a flotation device.” — Marc Warren, Executive Producer, Full House , Even Stevens , and
That’s So Raven
“Martie Cook has put together a wonderful resource for anyone interested in writing
for television. It’s thorough, filled with great anecdotes and helpful tips and covers the
whole spectrum of TV writing. I am always looking for up-to-date resources for my
students — finally, there is one book that has it all! Teaching writing is no easy task, but
Martie Cook has figured out a way to guide readers through the process and still
make it fun. The information gathered here is invaluable to anyone looking to enter the
industry — it’s even helpful for those of us who have been in the industry for years!” —
Pam Wheaton Shorr, Lecturer, Department of Film and Television, Boston University
“Finally, a practical approach to the business of TV Writing, seamlessly mixed with
the art of writing. A critical tool for anyone who wants to succeed as a television
writer” — Alan Barnette, Executive Producer, Faith of My Fathers
Write to TV takes you inside the minds of writers, producers, and network suits in
this brutally honest book. A “must read” for anyone who has the dream of making it
in Hollywood. I wish I had read this book 20 years ago!” — Glenn Meehan, VP of
Development, 44 Blue Productions
“At last, someone who has ‘been there & done that’ has written a serious and
informed guide about the world of television writing. Martie Cook’s Write to TV is a
nuts and bolts guide that is absorbing, lively and concise. Offering everything from
behind the scenes basics, to writing for different television formats, to how to get an
agent, this truly great book accomplishes the triple task of being informative, enter-
taining and well-written.” — Jean Stawarz, Associate Professor of Screenwriting at
Emerson College, writer, Powwow Highway
Write to TV is chock-full of invaluable tips and personal stories, plus practical advice
from the best in the TV writing business.” — Anne Zeiser, Director of National Strate-
gic Marketing, WGBH/PBS
Martie Cook
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