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Algebra Demystified, Second Edition
Ou r name says i t all: th e goal o f the D eMYST iFieD s eries is to help you m aster c onfusin g
su bjects, unders tand c omplex textbo oks, an d succ eed in y our stu dies.
Ho w can DeMYS TiFieD help yo u? It’s a no-b raine r!
• Study with th e best —all De MYSTi FieD au thors a re expe rts
in their ields of stud y.
• Lear n by do ing—al l DeMY STiFieD books are pa cked
with e xample s and p ractice oppor tunitie s.
Grasp t he criti cal con cepts r ight aw ay with
h ighlight ed cha pter ob jective s.
• Ge t unstu ck with help fr om the “Still S truggli ng?”
feat ure. We all nee d a litt le help someti mes.
• Grad e your own pro gress with a “ Final E xam” a t the
end of each b ook an d avoid the re d penci l of doo m.
• M ove ea sily fro m subj ect to s ubject with a “Curric ulum G uide”
th at gives a logi cal path .
D eMYST iFieD is the se ries you ’ll turn to aga in and again t o help y ou unt angle c onfusin g
sub jects, becom e conid ent in your kn owledg e, and achiev e your goals. N o matt er wha t
subj ect—al gebra, college Spanis h, busi ness-sc hool a ccount ing, spe cialize d nursi ng
cours es, and everyt hing in betwee n—De MYSTiF ieD is t rue to i ts mot to:
H a r d s t u f f m a d e e a s y
D ear Stu den t:
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DeMYSTiFieD ® Series
Accounting Demystified
Advanced Calculus Demystified
Advanced Physics Demystified
Advanced Statistics Demystified
Algebra Demystified
Alternative Energy Demystified
Anatomy Demystified 2.0 Demystified
Astronomy Demystified
Audio Demystified
Biology Demystified
Biotechnology Demystified
Business Calculus Demystified
Business Math Demystified
Business Statistics Demystified
C++ Demystified
Calculus Demystified
Chemistry Demystified
Circuit Analysis Demystified
College Algebra Demystified
Corporate Finance Demystified
Databases Demystified
Data Structures Demystified
Differential Equations Demystified
Digital Electronics Demystified
Earth Science Demystified
Electricity Demystified
Electronics Demystified
Engineering Statistics Demystified
Environmental Science Demystified
Everyday Math Demystified
Fertility Demystified
Financial Planning Demystified
Forensics Demystified
French Demystified
Genetics Demystified
Geometry Demystified
German Demystified
Home Networking Demystified
Investing Demystified
Italian Demystified
Java Demystified
JavaScript Demystified
Lean Six Sigma Demystified
Linear Algebra Demystified
Macroeconomics Demystified
Management Accounting Demystified
Math Proofs Demystified
Math Word Problems Demystified
MATLAB® Demystified
Medical Billing and Coding Demystified
Medical Terminology Demystified
Meteorology Demystified
Microbiology Demystified
Microeconomics Demystified
Nanotechnology Demystified
Nurse Management Demystified
OOP Demystified
Options Demystified
Organic Chemistry Demystified
Personal Computing Demystified
Pharmacology Demystified
Physics Demystified
Physiology Demystified
Pre-Algebra Demystified
Precalculus Demystified
Probability Demystified
Project Management Demystified
Psychology Demystified
Quality Management Demystified
Quantum Mechanics Demystified
Real Estate Math Demystified
Relativity Demystified
Robotics Demystified
Sales Management Demystified
Signals and Systems Demystified
Six Sigma Demystified
Spanish Demystified
sql Demystified
Statics and Dynamics Demystified
Statistics Demystified
Technical Analysis Demystified
Technical Math Demystified
Trigonometry Demystified
uml Demystified
Visual Basic 2005 Demystified
Visual C# 2005 Demystified
xml Demystified
rhonda huettenmueller
Second edition
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Milan New Delhi San Juan Seoul Singapore Sydney Toronto
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