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Customized Rule: The Chariot Races
Customized Rule: The Chariot Races
By: Tachyon , with help from: Tommy Punk , and the Mordheim mailinglist .
As published at: WyrdFish .
Version 2.01
Ilmner smiled, this Mordheim business had given him great successes. He started to
think about his past, as he too had come here to find fame and glory, and of course,
riches. He too had been member of the Warbands that had ventured into the city
and fought everything inside, to lay hands on some of that Wyrdstone. "Ah those
were the days.",thought Ilmner.
At one time, one of those abominations of nature with an extra arm had wounded
him badly, so badly that his left leg had to be cut of, and since then things went
downhill for Ilmner. He couldn't venture in the city any more, and without that there
was no income for him, and his hidden stash of money was growing smaller and
Until that lucky day, when some pompous fat Baron from the Empire had brought his
men under the roof of the Twisted Goat. He had driven in on a chariot, and his
luggage stored on another. When he approached the Baron to beg for some food, he
was mistakenly seen as some stall boy and was ordered to take care of the horses
and the chariots. A shiny Gold coin was tossed towards him.
Who would have guessed, that these chariots would be the first of many to follow,
when a few days later the Baron and his men were slain in the middle of Mordheim.
Today, Ilmner goes by the title of Track Master, and he is famed for organising the
races held around Mordheim, or when the price was right even trough some parts of
it. A chance for bored nobility to purchase some excitement, creating a steady
income for Ilmner in amounts he never even dreamed about during his adventuring
The Races:
Ilmner organisms races around Mordheim regularly. Two (or more) horse-pulled
chariots race against each other for 3 laps around the City of Mordheim. The first
chariot to succeed in this has won the race. Each chariot can have up to two drivers,
the players decide who 'volunteers' and whether one or two of these 'volunteers' will
control their warband's Chariot.
Mark a start/finish line outside your Mordheim city scenery and place the chariots
behind it. When the race has started, this line will also be the finish line. The first
chariot to pass this line after the 3 laps, has won the race.
To randomly create initiative each player rolls a D6 at the beginning of each turn, the
player with the highest roll has the initiative for that turn (Reroll when both dice
come up equal).
Each chariot us pulled by two horses, and will move with the speed of 3d6 inches per
round in the direction the player chooses. When a chariot has two drivers its
movement is impeded with -2".
When the two chariots bump and collide against eachother to struggle for the best
position several things can happen, so when both chariots bump into each other both
players roll a D6:
Bumping Chart
1-2 The chariot has become uncontrollable,
roll scatter dice for direction for the next turn
(Or spin a bottle :).
3-4 The chariot has been impeded,
Movement is at -1D6 for the next turn.
5-6 Nothing happens.
The player who initiates the bump/collision can brace himself for impact and thus will
receive a +1 modifier to the Bumping Roll.
Besides the honour of winning the race, there is another reason to Race besides
glory and fame... Money!
Before the race start both players agree upon an amount of money which will be the
ante for their bet. Ilmner will guard the money and claim 25% of the total sum to
cover the cost of organizing the race and keeping the chariots in shape. The winner
of the race will thus get 75% of their initial bet, but in addition the winner also will
get (1D6)/6) * the initial bet from other wagers among the crowd of the Race.
Both players agree to bet 100 GC, totalling the bet to 200 GC. Ilmner takes 25% (50
GC) to cover his cost, meaning that the Winner of the race will get 150 GC, minus his
initial bet of 100 GC means he has now earned 50 GC. The winner then rolls a D6
(say he rolls 3) gaining another ((3/6)*100) 50 GC totalling his winning to 100 GC.
"HEY! Where did that come from?"
As the stakes are high, each player can sneak up to two of the warband's members
with missile weapons into the outer skirts of Mordheim. They can shoot, as normally
as is described in the Mordheim Rulebook, at the chariots to try and make sure their
chariot wins. As this is highly illegal each shooter can only shoot once per lap, as
they pop up, shoot, and hide again to prevent discovery. Consequently, as they only
have a small window of time to shoot, and the chariots race by and the dust flares
up shooting is at -1 to hit. This also means that no shooter can be deployed at the
side at which the start/finish line has been laced, and each shooter has to be placed
at least 8" away from the nearest model.
Deploy your shooter(s) alternately, roll a D6, the player with the highest score may
place the first shooter.
Also, when the chariots are within 2" of each other roll a D6 when the archer hits:
Melee Firing Table
1-3 Your own chariot is hit.
4-6 Your opponent's chariot is hit.
When a Chariot is hit roll a D6:
Missile Hit Table
1-2 You've hit the horse(s).
3-5 You've hit the Chariot.
6You've hit the Chariot-driver(s).
Roll to wound as normally and as is described in the Mordheim Rulebook.
When a horse is shot down movement of the chariot is reduced with 1D6, for the rest
of the race. When both horses are shot down, the chariot stops and cannot move
further, consequently the other team has won.
When the chariot is hit, nothing happens.
When a driver is shot down, and the chariot has no more drivers the other team has
won, as the chariot will now drive aimlessly as the horses aren't directed anymore.
When one of the two drivers is shot down, nothing happens (except for the
movement restriction, which now has been removed) as there is still one driver to
control the horses.
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