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Khar-mel the Djinn
Khar-mel the Djinn
Djinn are magical elemental spirits akin to Daemons, that reside in the deep deserts of
Araby and the Land of the Dead. They may be summoned by a complicated ritual
involving dark pacts and unholy promises. Djinn are creatures born of the elements and
may assume many different forms such as horses made of sand, pillars of fire or mighty
Arabic warriors comprised of swirling air. As with all Daemons, anyone learning a
Djinn's true name will receive great power over it. Djinn are ancient spirits and know
many long forgotten secrets, especially from the early days of Nehekhara and for this
reason many sorcerers and priests attempt to summon them to learn such forbidden
knowledge. Sultan jaffar was known to have been in prolonged contact with some of the
mightiest Djinn, although many surmise that their lies led to his downfall.
Khar-mel is one of the few known Djinn of Araby. She has oft been encountered in the
western desert over the centuries. Despite being centuries old, she normally appears as a
beautiful arabian woman of about 30 years of age, although she has been known to
appear as a swirling cloud of dust or a pillar of fire on occasion.
Like all Djinn, Khar-mel knows many secrets forgotten by mortal man and many
sorcerers and priests have tried to summon her to answer their questions. If she does have
one weakness it is her thirst for knowledge. A warband who claims that they are
undertaking a quest in search of ancient lore may well secure Khar-mel's services.
May be Hired: Any warband may hire Khar-mel. However in order to summon her, a
Wizard (or other spell caster, including a Priest) must pass a test on his own Leadership.
This Wizard may be a Hired Sword, but must have been with the warband for at least one
battle prior to attempting to summon Khar-mel. If the Wizard that summoned Khar-mel is
killed or leaves the warband, Khar-mel will leave as well.
Rating: Khar-mel increases the warband's rating by +45 points.
Hire Fee: 80 gold crowns to hire + 30 gold crowns upkeep.
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Djinn 6 4 4 4 4 2 3 2 8
Weapons and armour: Khar-mel is armed with a scimitar but wears no armour.
Fear: The Djinn naturally radiate an aura of power and cause Fear.
Ethereal: Khar-mel has only a semi-solid form and has a 5+ save that is never be
modified due to high Strength or anything else. The save is not effective against magical
Elemental Magic: Khar-mel knows D3 spells chosen from the Elemental magic list. Roll
randomly on the Elemental magic list to determine the spells she may use.
All Djinn have magical powers due to their spiritual and elemental nature. Khar-mel has
mastered each of these in her time but she may only use one at a time. During her
Recovery phase she may declare that she is using one of her powers. Kt will last until her
next Recovery phase. She may not use the same power for two consecutive turns.
Whirlwind: Khar-mel has the power to turn into a whirlwind. This can take many forms:
a sandstorm, a pillar of fire or a hazy shimmer in the air. She can run at triple her
movement but may not charge or be charged. She cannot make any attacks or cast spells
while using this power, but is at -1 to hit with missile weapons.
Djinn's Curse: Djinn are incredibly ancient creatures, prophets of fate and doom to
many. This interferes with all of the Djinn's enemies within 4", incurring a -1 penalty to
their to-hit rolls (both with missiles and with close combat weapons) and all saves.
Djinn's Luck: Djinn have been around for centuries and due to their prophetic powers
are very good at avoiding trouble. This power confers a 4+ Ward save. If no save
normally applies (eg, against magic weapons) then she gains a 6+ save.
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