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Runaway Mage
(written by the Gray Sage aka Lex and Sheldon McCarthy )
Iala’s real name is Sheldon Iala Kerico. He abandoned his real name of Sheldon ever since he
started being an apprentice to an Empire wizard by the name of Lothar. Iala didn’t get the type of
training he thought would come along with being a mage. Sweeping out the tavern that was
owned by Lothar had really disheartened Iala he was abotu to quit when out of the blue, a
traveling Mage came through and taught Iala his first cantrip "Glue".
The next time Lothar stopped by Iala showed him his cantrip and Lothar said it was a neat "trick",
this made Iala mad and he left in a fit of rage, vowing to show Lothar his neat tricks some day. He
then roomed the country side, for monthes, looking for food, shelter, and another master to learn
from, although he never could manage more than a scap of food living in someone's barn. Then
one day he seen a poster proclaiming that to anyone who wanted to be rich to meet in the center
sqaure, and a warband was formed. With Iala, being the "Mage" as he claimed. They were just
entering the city, when they saw a another warband of humans, they thought it would be a
friendly meeting then all of sudden a hail of arrows came flying the bands way, and the first fight
was on, Iala, hid in the shadows away from the fight. His fellow warband members were
slaughtered. The other warbands wizard was cut down by Iala's warband Captain. They said you
ca join us or die, with Iala not fond of dying he agreed, to join them, from then on he just jept
jumping from warband to another.
4 3 4 2 3 3 1 7
60 pts.to join your warband, he adds, 10 points to rating. He wont join if there is a mage already
in the warband. He’ll join, any human, or Elf warband, he wont join Orcs, Skaven, Possessed,
and Undead, warbands cause he’s afraid of them.
Staff, darts. ( strength: 1 range: 8" 2 darts can be thrown, hits on a 3+, on a roll of 6 auto wounds)
These are all very minor magic applications that hardly drain the caster, most Wizards and other
spellcasters will NOT stoop to even consider using these. When trying to use a cantrip roll 2d6.
Any result of a double will mean that you can no longer use this ability for the rest of the game. IF
you are CARRYING any Wyrdstone , you can always elect to reroll one die on a double. These
are the Cantrips you can choose from, assume that all are known, ONE cantrip can be used PER
PHASE !! and only on persons in ones line of sight.
If cast against an opponent in opponents movement phase. The person the cantrip is used
against will stumble and loose 1" of movement. If cast at any other time on a person near (within
1" of a ledge or floor edge) that person needs to test or will fall.
On a missile weapon, glue will slightly delay the actual release of a missile, creating a -1 modifier.
In a HtH situation a person will have to fight some resistance, reducing initiative by 1 Blind can
only be used on a personal HtH opponent.
allows a parry to be used, and is -1 to hot with all missle and hand to hand weapons.
You create a cloud of spices (pepper and other stuff) around you, any ANIMALS within 2" will
instantly loose all interest in you and in their next movement phase move their maximum
movement in a random direction. ANY (even friendly !!) contact they make in that move will count
as a charge and result in one round of fighting.
This seemingly incongruous spell turns out to be real handy when fighting Zombies. It can be
used in the missile phase to cast a handful of salt on a nearby Zombie. This will cause d3 hits
on d6 strength.
A whirl of wind stirs up the dust around you effectively making you harder to hit. Upgrade cover
for 1 round by 1. (eg. No cover becomes light cover etc.)
You create a globule of water over a fire or torch, which, upon release will douse the fire. The
effect of releasing these showers on innocent bystanders you people may come up with Light you
may set fire to any specific combustible within 1".
Sheldon McCarthy
a.k.a - Iala Runaway Mage
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