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The Headless Horseman
Across the province of Sylvania there is a
legend so disturbing, so terrifying that
even the slightest whisper of ´the Headless
Horsemanµ causes the bravest of warriors
to cower in fear. No one knows the exact
origin of this dread rider, but popular
myth suggests that in his living days he
was the greatest highwayman ever to
grace the province of Sylvania. His skill
with a pistol was so great that he could
shoot a man square between the eyes from
a hundred paces, and his midnight black
steed could out-pace the fastest warhorses
in the Empire! But as with all
highwayman, his arrogance far exceeded
his talent and it was this that lead to his
One moonless night, when not even a
breathe of wind dared to disturb the
perfect silence which lay heavy upon the
land, the highwayman saw under the
glimmering of his old lantern a coach so
black that it seemed like the night self
could not compare to its unearthly
darkness. Determined not to miss out on
another nights banditry the highwayman
was not deterred by the obvious signs that
something strange was a foot, and he rode
up to the door of the black coach with his
signature cry of ´Your Money or Your
Life?µ. The obsidian door slid soundlessly
open and with a voice so cold that even
the brash highwayman could not help
but shiver at, the occupant croaked, ´Yes,
your life, that sounds
good to me.µ Then
before the
highwayman could
reach for his pistol out of
bowels of the coach shot
an axe so fast that with
one decisive blow the body
of the highwayman fell away from his
horse, the head completely severed at the
neck. The horse terrified by the sight of his
headless master tried to flee but the black
coach was quick upon its tail. The poor
beast, exhausted from its hasty flight,
soon tired; and it stumbled to the earth to
be crushed beneath the bulk of the
carriage, leaving it to lie lifeless on that
moonless night many years ago.
Now how the rider and his steed rose from
death to plague the lands of Sylvania (or
even if this story contains a grain of
truth!) remains a mystery to this day;
but what is for certain is that on moonless
nights when not a breathe a wind rolls
across the land the braying of a midnight
black horse resounds across the whole of
Sylvania as the Headless Horseman rides
as if from the very darkness itself!
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Hire Fee: 100 gold crowns to hire.
Although most mindless creatures usually
have no wish for money the Headless
Horseman seems compelled to continue his
life of banditry by whatever mysterious
force keeps his lifeless body moving.
May Be Hired: Warbands who are not of
good alignment may hire the Headless
Rating: The Headless Horseman increases
a warband¶s rating by +80 points.
Special Rules:
Causes Fear: The Headless Horseman is a
harrowing sight to behold and therefore
causes fear.
Immune To Psychology: The Headless
Horseman and his steed are never affected
by psychology and they never leave combat.
However, if the Headless Horseman suffers
a wound, he must roll on the Whoa Boy!
table as normal.
Immune To Poison: The Headless
Horseman and his steed are unaffected by
all poisons.
Faithful Steed: The same dark magics that
animate the Headless Horseman also keep
his loyal steed at his side. As a result, he may
never dismount.
Undead: Both the Headless Horseman and
his steed count as undead for the purposes
of Blessed Water, etc.
Expert Rider: The Headless Horseman is
a superb rider and as such he counts as being
stationary even if he has moved that turn
(ie: no -1 modifier to hit).
Rapid Reload: The Headless Horseman¶s
speed at reloading is legendary and he can
reload both of his pistols in the blink of an
eye! Because of this he can fire with both
(the skill Pistolier ) of his dueling pistols
every Shooting Phase.
Head Hewer: Ever since the loss of his
own head the Headless Horseman has
started his own morbid collection with the
very same axe which caused his own grizzly
demise. When the Headless Horseman
charges all attacks with his double handed
axe cause +1 to all injury rolls and he causes
a critical hit on a roll of 5-6. Note this only
counts for the turn in which the Headless
Horseman has charged, and not subsequent
turns if which he is still engaged in
hand-to-hand combat.
Wanderer: The Headless Horseman only
stays with a warband for the duration of one
battle. A warband who used the Headless
Horseman in their last battle may not seek
him out until they have fought at least
battle without him.
Profiles M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Horseman - 4 5 4 4 2 6 2 8
Weapons/Armour: Head or no head this
horseman still knows how to kill things! The
Headless Horseman is armed with a brace
of Dueling Pistols, a Double Handed Axe, a
dagger and wears Light Armor. He also has
superior black powder and a lantern. Note
that combined the Light Armor and the
Nightmare Steed give the Headless
Horseman a save of 5+.
Skills: The Headless Horseman has the
following skills: Horse Archer, Pistolier,
Eagle Eyes, Trick Shooter and Strongman .
8 2 0 3 4 2 2 1 5
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