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Having the appearance of a young, attractive girl around sixteen, Genevieve
Sandrine du Pointe du Lac Dieudonna is quiet and demure much of the time.
She received the dark kiss from the male Lhamian Vampire Chamanac. During
her extended lifetime she has also tried out many different lifestyles. She has
been a lady, a bargirl, a whore, an adventuress and a recluse. Eventually she
tires of a life and tries another one.
Over the centuries Genevive has heard nearly all rumours and half-truths about
her kind and she is rather tired of it all. She hates the fact that her kin sees the
mortals only as cattle and often tries to fight against their own folk. Never
changing or ageing, she exists in a state of
half-death, but she does not need to avoid dalight or any other things that are
supposed to be a vampires bane. Although she does feed on blood, she is no
predator: she will only take what is freely given to her...
Cost to hire: 60 GCr., 25 to upkeep
Can be hired by Human Mercenaries, Shadow Warriors, Pirates, Outlaws,
Dwarfs, Bretonnians
Equipment: Sword, Dagger
Skills: Step aside, Dodge, Lightning Reflexes, Scale Sheer Surface
Special Rules
Cause Fear : Although Genevieve normaly pretends to be a harmless girl, when
coming in rage she can become very frightening.
Immune to Psychology
Immune to Poison
No pain: treat Stunned injuries as Knocked Down
Transfixing Glare: Genevieve is able to hypnotise a victim using her blood-red glowing eyes, the victim will
remain passiveand wait for her to close. The Glare may be used on any living model in base contact with
Genevieve. To resist the Glare, the victim has to pass a leadership test. While transfixed, a model may not
attack in close combat or shoot, and is treated as being knocked Down for purpose of being attacked. Roll
for the Glare at the start of the Combat phase.
Red Thirst: Genevieve tries to suppress her nature, but she cannot always resist the hunger for blood. She
therefore has to make a Ld-test before each battle she joins. If she fails, she needs fresh blood. The player
who hired her has to decide one of his heroes to give her some blood. Although Genevieve takes not much
blood, the bloodloss is very weakening. Therefore the hero looses -1 T for the duration of the following
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