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Dijin Katal,
Dijin Katal,
The Renegade Assassin
How many years have I walked the earth? How many plains have I seen that stretch to
the horizon? How many cities are there that are crammed with the filth and dregs of this
world? And how many dark places have been my refuges? Yet I still miss that dreaded
place Clar Karond... my home. I wonder what is happening amongst my kin what devious
politics abound. Oh, how I miss the intrigue of a true civilisation. These are strange
times. I never desired to travel to this hot insect-infested land of Lustria but now I am
here it has a strange hold on me. I have delivered many to the grace of Khaine within
this jungle. This jungle seems to cry out for blood. Although my murderous instincts have
grown the animal inside is now in sated. What has become of me?
Still, my blades run with the blood of my enemies the only thing that brings me comfort. I
have the murderous instinct, which my people have practised for thousands of years and
the addiction is strong. That night when I saw the broken bodies of my own kin on the
floor in the carnival of horrors I knew that killing was my sole purpose. I also knew that
it didn't matter who would be my prey – friend or foe it makes to difference to the
unquenchable thirst within. And now my comrades hunt me. Although my thirst for
another murder is great in good time soon it shall be quenched. My life is for Khaine.
My goal? To find some meaning to this mundane existence...
Known as ‘The Hunter in the Shadows’, ‘The Thrice Cursed Renegade’, ‘He who
Thirsts’ and ‘Kinslayer’, among other things, Dijin Katal as greatly feared and loathed
and that's just by his own people. The covens of the Druchii have a price on Katal’s head
and demand that he be captured alive for the Hag Queen's pleasure. Few know this
Druchii’s chequered past when they hire him in fact most are not even aware that he is
Druchii, such is their ignorance.
Hire fee: 85 gold crowns: 40 gold crowns upkeep.
May be Hired: Any warband except for Amazons, Shadow Warriors, Dark Elves
(obviously) and any warband that includes and type of Elven hired sword may hire Dijin
Rating: Dijin Katal increases the warbands rating by 70 points.
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
5 7 5 4 3 2 7 2 8
Weapons/Armour: Dijin Katal wears a Druchii Assassin's cloak and wields two swords
coated with Dark venom and a repeater crossbow.
Dijin Katal has the following skills: Strike to injure, Quick shot, Dodge, Lightning
reflexes and Trick shooter.
Kindred Hatred: The Dark Elves have been fighting the High Elves for many centuries.
The wars between the two races have been very long and bloody affairs. The Dark Elves
are very bitter since they have been exiled from Ulthuan and thus they hate any High Elf
warriors including High Elf Hired Swords.
Excellent Sight: There are numerous legends detailing the excellent eyesight of the
Elves, both Druchii and Ulthuan kin. Elves can spot hidden enemies from twice as far
away than normal warriors (i.e. twice their Initiative value in inches).
Shadows Embrace: The Dark Elf has mastered the art of making the best use of
shadows to hide, this is the legendary ability of the Dark Elf Scouts and the Assassins. If
the Dark Elf is in cover and a model attempts to charge him, he can only charge the Elf
using a charge move equal to his initiative in inches. In addition, missile weapons suffer
an additional -1 penalty to hit on top of the penalty for cover.
Perfect Killer: All attacks made by the Assassin, whether in shooting or close combat,
have an extra -1 save modifier to represent his skill In striking at unarmoured spots.
Renegade: Dijin is a kinslayer and therefore a renegade in Druchii eyes. Any Dark Elves
that Dijin is fighting against will suffer Hatred towards him.
Wanderer: See Aenur page 153 of the main rulebook.
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