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Cavalliero Donato Ranzato
Cavalliero Donato Ranzato
Professional Duellist
This Tillean gentleman is a professional duellist that sells his services to the highest
bidder (ANY bidder, actually, that will match his price).
4 5 5 3 3 2 5 1 7
Equipment : Duelling Sword, Duelling Pistol, Light armour, Deathwatch Sigil (Counts as
Lucky Charm and may be used to call for allies), Starkes Parring Dagger (Count as
Skills: Pistolier, Hunter, Expert Swordsman, Step Aside, Lighting Reflexes. [NEW]
Strike to Injure, Resilient
Hiring Cost : It costs 40 GC to hire Donato.
Warbands : Any warband may hire Donato. Donato MAY be hired by BOTH warbands,
in that case at the start of the game he will simply challenge and fight both leaders after
each other.
Rating : Donato will increase the warband’s rating with 20 points + experience. His
starting experience is 20 Exp.
Experience: Donato earned 2xp for fighting Starke at the battle against Rass and suffered
a broken arm. Donato earned 6 xp for fighting again against Starke and killing him.
657369512.001.png 657369512.002.png
Special rules (Protocol) :
Alter Ego : Donato is an Alter Ego therefore all the rules for Alter Ego’s apply.
Duellist : At the start of the game Donato will challenge the leader of the opposing
warband to a duel with either swords or duelling pistols. If his opponent agrees then this
duel is fought in a seperate Turn before the first Turn.
Pistols : Place both models 8" apart from each other. Both models must roll below their
Initiative to shoot. Repeat until one or both models succeeds in their Intiative tests.
Normal missile fire rules apply. Roll for to hit and to wound as normal.
Swords : Place both models in base-to-base contact with each other. Normal combat rules
apply. Only none of the fighters count as charging (this is an exception to the normal
Decline Challenge : If the leader of the oppossing warband declines the challenge he
loses face to the other members of his warband. The leader will have -1 LD during the
battle and he must subtract 1 from his experience points total at the end of the battle.
After the duel Donato will leave the battlefield (either walking or on a brancard). If his
opponent declined the duel Donato will fight as normal alongside the warband that hired
him. If both warbands hired Donato and both leaders declined the challenge Donato will
walk away from the battlefield cursing these cowardly manlings and complaining to
himself about the good old days in Tilea.
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