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Brendor - The Pyromaniac
Brendor - The Pyromaniac
Morba Heinshcrit had only left the church for ten minutes, that was all. He had to attend
to some morning chores and now this.
The sigmarite priest looked up at his beloved church, now fully ablaze and winced.
Slowly turning his head to focus on the boy. Feeling his blood boil, he looked at the thin
wreched priest addept now wiping the soot from his robe and singed hair.
Brendor spent much of his early life moving from one church to the other, he was an
orphan who had tried his ardest to learn to be a priest of sigmar, but unfortunatly
whereever he went so did the accidents. The strange thing is that they all included fire
somewhere and he never remembered starting them. It was not long before he was exiled
from the church as an annoyance and with nowhere to go he set of to the festivals at
Mordheim. When he got there he found desolate ruins and greedy warriors. With no
money and little food he decided to preach the ways of sigmar and help whoever he
Brendor is a young ex-priest who has somehow like all the other freaks of nature been
drawn to Mordheim. Little does he know that his subconcious actually wields magical
powers which he himself cannot control.
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
4 3 3 3 4 1 3 1 7
Sword and dagger
Special skills
Pyromaniac :- little does he know it but fire always follows him. As a result of this any
game that Brendor participates in must us the Fire rules
Magic :- Brendor has magical abbilities that he can only use in self defence. Whenever a
model charges him Brendor may try to cast the lesser spell fires of U'Zhul at the model
before it moves.
657369515.001.png 657369515.002.png
30gc start - 10gc upkeep
Brendor is no longer interested in learning and can gain no new skills
Only mercenaries may hire Brendor
Brendor adds a whole 10 pts to a warbands armour rating
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