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Instructions / Troubleshooting; 
1. Download an application that supports the burning and/or mounting of .iso files.
There are many of them out there to choose from; DaemonTools Lite, AstroBurn Lite, NeroBurn Lite/Essentials, MagicISO.

I personally recommend DaemonTools or AstroBurn, some of the most popular and easiest to use.

2. After installing the application, run it. (I'm not sure which app. you have chosen to use), but from the user interface it should be very straight forward and easy to figure out what to do.

If you choose; TO MOUNT IMAGES
DaemonTools Lite - will allow you to mount the images, .iso files, to a virtual drive. You may than run the image just as if you had a physical copy of the cd from your computer. The virtual drive will even show up as another ROM drive under 'My Computer'. (assuming you are using windows).
1. Open DaemonTools and mount the first .iso file of the game. (The game may automatically launch, if not go to 'My Computer', find the BW2 icon and double click it.) On a side note, I recommend running the diagnostics option on the game menu before installing the game to insure compatibility with your computer.
2. Click the 'Install' button on the game menu. The game will begin installing. When it asks for the next disk, simply unmount the current .iso file from the virtual drive, using the application you have downloaded and installed, and mount the next disc that it is asking for and click the 'Ok' button to continue installing.
3. If you would like to install the Battle Of The Gods expansion, do that right after you get done installing BW2 using the same instructions in the above steps. After installing the games be sure to apply the official patches, these will solve a bunch of problems you will probably experience during game-play without them.
4. In order to launch and play the game after installation, you will need to mount the 'Main' game disc to the virtual drive, "disc1", again. The disc is required to be inserted, or in this instance mounted, in order to run the game.

NOTE - If you experience the following issue with the population of adults not dying, or the population of children not growing up and having no adult population or rather any strange population glitch in the game. You will need to run the game from an actual physical disc. (See steps below for burning images to CDs). DO NOT USE A 'NO-CD CRACK' OF ANY KIND. This will guarantee such glitches in the game. Trust me on this one I have had to deal with this a few times in the past.

If you choose; TO BURN IMAGES TO CD
AstroBurn Lite - will allow you to burn the images, .iso files, to a disc. These discs will run perfectly as they are exact duplicates of the orignal retail discs, (Including the DRM track).
1. Open AstroBurn. Insert a blank CD, not dvd. Select the 'Image' tab at the top left. Within the image tab, select the browse button and find the image you wish to burn. To the left of the program, it should show you the current status about the size of your project, very straight forward.
2. Be sure to select the proper burning device, and set the burn speed to no higher than 16x. Be sure to check the 'Verify' box to verify rather or not the image was burned to the disc correctly. Burn all images to a CD, not dvd or other media format.

If you experience any more problems with burning or getting the disc to properly read, please send me an email letting me know. I will try to help you some more.

For more troubleshooting, please read old comments; copy below link into browser address-bar...[ISO]
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