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9 Thanksgiving Decorations to Make
9 Thanksgiving Decorations to Make
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9 Thanksgiving Decorations to Make
Letter from the Editors
Dear Reader,
Welcome guests to your home for the Thanksgiving feast or celebrate the harvest season with this
collection of 9 Thanksgiving decorations to make. These Thanksgiving craft ideas can decorate your
home in warm autumn colors all November long. Plus, you will find a number of ideas to decorate a
Thanksgiving table in style but for minimal to no cost.
Five of these decorations use a favorite theme for Thanksgiving decorations: leaves. In an array of
colors, autumn leaves Thanksgiving decorations like the Leaves Table Runner (pg. 10) are a great way to
bring the beautiful outdoors into your home. Add some sparkle to your Thanksgiving tablescape with
the Sparkle and Shine Pumpkins (pg. 9) make with real or foam pumpkins. Look for tiny pumpkin at your
local farmer’s market.
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We hope you enjoy reading and crafting!
The Editors of
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9 Thanksgiving Decorations to Make
Thanksgiving Table Decor
By: Colleen Mullaney
Decorate your tables beautifully this Thanksgiving season. Fruits, berries and leaves are all you need this
season for an amazing looking table accent. Colleen Mullaney, author of It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere: The
Global Guide to Fabulous Cocktails and Faux Fabulous Florals: Four Seasons of Easy Ideas shows us how
to make these accents.
1 stem yellow oak leaves
3 stems autumnal berries
Floral wire
Decorative tumbler
Quick Water solution
1. Cut berry clusters and gather into a tight bunch.
2. Border berries with a collar of oak leaves, wrapping leaves around the bunch with the right sides
facing outward. Adjust the leaves so that they are symmetrical and even. Wrap tightly and
secure with floral wire.
3. Pour Quick Water solution in separate container and mix well. Pour into tumbler slowly and fill
two-thirds full.
4. Placeinacooldryplacetosetfollowingmanufacturer’sinstructionsCarefullyplacetussie-
mussie in glass so it stands straight up.
At your place
Waste not, want not. Use your leftover blooms, berries, ribbons, vines and other materials
and fashion them into napkin rings. This is a great use of blooms that have broken from their wires or
stems or of small clusters of berries that were extras. Follow your theme from centerpiece to napkin
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