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ETKA 2011 (New Project from 7.0 & 7.2) + VIN search

ETKA 2011 EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog) contains information on spare components and accessories for the factory VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI, Skoda, LOCATION (all fields, Brazil, China, Local Market, Mexico, South Africa, USA). ETKA v7.2 is most comprehensive documentation available on the market today (updated to January 2011 models).
All information is easily located with a very convenient means of control, so you can find exactly what you need in the shortest time.

Fully detailed circuit zoomable, schematics, componentwise images, make this software very useful for the block and disassembly. All sections are printable.

Change the zoom level. Items in the illustration can be moved, indicating when you drag.

ETKA contains very detailed information about each part of any Volkswagen or Audi, created from the first years until now, and it is ? the reason that makes this program perfect also for collectors of old timers (ETKA includes the old form of the original Beetle 40th!).

Media: 1 DVD
Language: English, English US, German, Swedish, Turkish, Croatian, Slovenian, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, French, Russian, Netherlands, Spanish, Italian.

Current System: Win98, NT, 2000, XP, Win 7
Required space: 3.5 GB of free disk space.
Short Illustrated Installation Instructions: Included


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