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AC Schnitzer ACS5
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Exclusivity creates individuality.
The 5-series (E60/E61) from
BMW, with its avantgarde
design and superb engineering,
has immediately taken and
extended the lead in Business
Class. A new chapter in the suc-
cess story of driving pleasure.
With their wealth of experience,
dedication to detail and untram-
melled urge for perfection, they
have developed a range of spe-
cial accessories which continue
the performance concept from
motorsport in both technological
and aesthetic terms. The result
in the ACS5 is a saloon which
meets all conceivable criteria of
exclusivity and individuality.
Giving more individuality, more
exclusivity and even better
sports performance to cars
which inspire enthusiasm even
in standard form, is the true
passion of the AC Schnitzer
engineers and designers.
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Power redefined.
5-series drivers are known for
their above-average standards.
In their job, their environment
and themselves. Whether they
fulfil or even exceed these
expectations is mostly a matter
of attitude.
150 or 186 kW and a maximum
torque of 450 and 550 Nm
catapult the 5-series into new
dimensions of driving: up to a
top speed of 252 km/h, and
6.8 seconds to sprint from 0 to
100 km/h (data based on 530d
And we have applied this prin-
ciple to the 5-series in our
diesel performance upgrades.
This performance increase is
complemented acoustically and
aesthetically by the AC Schnitzer
sports rear silencer of special
steel. It provides a convincing
sound, and its chromed tailpipes
in Racing Design set subtle visu-
al highlights.
The AC Schnitzer performance upgrades
for the BMW 525d and 530d consist of the
Control Unit Program.
AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer of V2A
with chromed tailpipes in Racing Design.
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Power is not just about horses.
What‘s the use of the best
performance if it can‘t be
properly transferred to the
floor. It‘s the same for cars
as in the stock exchange. The
performance figures of many
standard engines leave almost
nothing to be desired. The
optimum transfer of power to
the road is the real challenge.
Above all when driving comfort
must not be compromised for
sports performance.
way. So well that even experi-
enced automotive journalists go
into raptures – as in the Auto
Bild Test & Tuning 01/2004 in
a test: „The suspension of the
Schnitzer above all shows that
the Aachen company are setting
new standards here: The
Schnitzer five-series holds the
road virtually neutrally on exits
from corners... on the track, it
doesn‘t waver even in the chica-
ne, and to top it all, still offers
astonishingly good springing
comfort. You can‘t set up sus-
pension any better.“
A challenge which AC Schnitzer
has fulfilled in its usual excellent
The AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit
lowers the vehicle by up to 30 mm.
The specially developed sports suspension from
AC Schnitzer improves driving dynamics and
extends safety reserves.
The AC Schnitzer rear roof spoiler for the
ACS5 touring and saloon (right hand side).
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AC Schnitzer sports mirrors. AC Schnitzer special antiroll
bar kit with 2 settings.
AC Schnitzer strut brace incre-
ases the torsional rigidity of
the front.
The aesthetic side of drag.
Sporting bodystyling still has to
cope with air resistance. So the
aerodynamic components such
as front skirt, side skirts, rear
roof spoiler, rear spoiler and
rear skirt are not just aesthetic
accessories. They make a deci-
sive contribution to the optimum
balance of the ACS5 on the front
and rear axles; this applies to
vehicles both with and without
M-Technik pack as standard.
dimensioned air ducts on the
AC Schnitzer front skirt not only
improve cooling of the brakes
but also, thanks to their striking
design, give enhanced overta-
king prestige.
And if you want to do even more
for the visual appearance, you
can set aesthetic highlights at
key points with the AC Schnitzer
Chromeline Set.
As well as this balance, air
flow within the vehicle is a
further aspect. The generously
Tailor made: Rear roof spoiler and rear skirt
pick up the styling lines of the standard
vehicle and continue them with sporting
(below M-Technik modification)
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