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AC Schnitzer ACS7
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A pre-emptive strike
against mediocrity.
With the appearance of the
7-series, BMW has opened
a new chapter in automotive
design. As in many innovative
concepts, the first design was
way ahead of its time. The new
design polarised opinion. Views
amongst both the trade and the
public were widely divided.
To improve this apparently per-
fect car was the right challenge
for the experienced, innovation-
loving designers and engineers
at AC Schnitzer. They have
developed an extensive special
accessories range which gives
the luxury saloon - both the first
and second generation - the
touch of additional exclusivity
and individuality which is decisi-
ve for the sporting enthusiastic
With the revised model, the
avantgarde design was given
a more pleasing form in the
details. But even under the
modest works designation E65
and E66, this top model sets
new standards. With an avant-
garde design, a pioneering dri-
ving concept and - as usual from
BMW - inspiring engineering.
The fine difference: Subtle black or bril-
liant chrome - the AC Schnitzer flipper on
the air intakes in front of the rear wheels set
functional and aesthetic accents.
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Entdecken wir die dynamischen
Seiten exklusiver Eleganz.
A significant innovation is
the variable design of the aero-
dynamic components from
AC Schnitzer. Depending on the
colour, you can choose between
subtle black and the elegant
Chromeline Design. In the
Chromeline variant, the front
spoiler, side skirts and rear
skirt insert are accentuated
with chromed trim. The aerody-
namics are supplemented by a
single-piece rear spoiler starting
at the C-pillar, which emphasi-
ses the striking sporting lines.
Last but not least, sports mirror
covers and a rear roof spoiler
form part of the range.
As well as visual improvements,
the AC Schnitzer aerodynamic
conversion also brings functio-
nal optimisation. For example,
the downforce values - already
excellent as standard - are
further improved.
Perfect Harmony of Sporting Elegance:
For both the rear and the front of the ACS7
– the AC Schnitzer aerodynamic components
strikingly enhance the body design of the
standard vehicle in all details. As with all
models, the AC Schnitzer suspension spring
kit for the 7-series was matched to the vehicle
during extended test runs, including on the
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