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AC Schnitzer Type VI - a new
evolutionary step in wheel design.
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Hybrid design - when evolution
takes on revolutionary form.
AC Schnitzer has written wheel
design history over the last 20
years with its classic five-spoke
wheel. The AC Schnitzer desig-
ners have taken all possible form
variations of this design classic
to market success over several
wheel generations in recognis-
able evolution stages. Now the
time has come for revolutionary
ideas: the hybrid wheel design.
With a brilliant mixture of a five-
spoke wheel and Y-spoke, the
AC Schnitzer Type VI wheel blows
away all categories that have
been effective so far. A comple-
tely independent wheel design
of the extreme has been created
with new form and colour com-
bination. Extremely masculine,
extremely powerful, extremely
Masculine form-play: with the AC Schnitzer racing wheel Type VI, exceedingly striking form
and light contrasts develop from the bi-colour finish and hybrid design.
Light rim-bed: the AC Schnitzer Type VI
racing wheel rim with forged stainless-steel ring.
Form follows fiction -
The courage to new form language.
The revolutionary hybrid design
made up of wheel star and Y-spo-
kes deliberately picks up stylistic
elements of motor sport and
turns them authentically into
powerful effects. The cast star
with polished surface finds its
ideal opposite pole in the filigree
Y-spokes. Like liquid metal, the
star dynamically arches out-
wards from the centre and flows
into the forged outer bed with
polished stainless-steel ring. In
the bi-colour finish, extremely
effective interplays are created
through the driving movement.
The AC Schnitzer Type VI racing
wheel is available for almost all
current BMW models as a one-
piece rim in 18“ and in a multi-
piece model in 20“ and 22“.
The AC Schnitzer Type VI racing wheel with a deeply arched wheel hub.
Type Dimension Offset Vehicle
One-piece 8,5J x 18“ 43 E46, E81/87, E90/91/92/93, E60/61, E85/86, E83
Racing 9,0J x 20“ 42 E46 M3, E90/91/92/93, E85/86, E83, E53
Racing 9,0J x 20“ 22 E60/61, E63/64, E65/66
Racing 10,0J x 20“ 43 E46 M3, E90/91/92/93, E60/61, E63/64, E65/66,
E83, E53, E70, E85/86 Z4M
Racing 11,5J x 20“ 38 E70
Racing 10,0J x 22“ 38 E65/66, E53, E70
Racing 11,5J x 22“ 42 E70
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