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AC Schnitzer AC S6
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Supremacy has cost us a few laps.
Since the 60s, the Schnitzer
brothers have been successful
in motorspor t with BMW. As
well as countless victories, the
Schnitzer team has assembled
a wealth of experience. Here at
AC Schnitzer, we‘ve applied this
technical skill and apparently
unlimited enthusiasm in the
development of our exclusive
tuning product range. The best
example is the ACS6. As stan-
dard, the 6-series models are
already in the highest automo-
tive class. So they presented
the AC Schnitzer engineers
with an opportunity to create a
truly perfect car – at least, in
our competition-oriented view
of automotive perfection.
This philosophy is reflected
in every single AC Schnitzer
product, down to the smallest
AC Schnitzer sports suspension and spring kit.
AC Schnitzer special antiroll bar kit.
AC Schnitzer alloy wheels type IV BiColor.
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Sporting wheel design between
High-tech and Avantgardee.
AC Schnitzer offers an interes-
ting range of attractive wheel/
tyre combinations for the
6-series with several design
AC Schnitzer Type IV wheel
takes an innovative route.
Available for the 6-series in
19“ to 20“, with chromed
inlays to set brilliant accents.
( + + )
Irrespective of design of these
high-tech wheels, we have
developed an AC Schnitzer
sports suspension and special
antiroll bar kit especially for the
The Innovative: The variable
design concept of the
AC Schnitzer Type III wheel
is available as a multipiece
racing rim or one-piece alloy
wheel in 19“ to 20“. ( )
The Ultralight: The absolute
highlight of the AC Schnitzer
wheel range is the Type V
forged rim. This alloy wheel in
bi-color inish combines appa-
rently contradictory parame-
ters: weight reduction at the
same time as maximum wheel
diameter and tyre width. ( )
As well as lowering by around
25 mm to enhance the visual
aesthetics of this sports car,
the entire handling has been
substantially improved with no
perceptible loss of the already
legendary driving comfort.
AC Schnitzer wheels are available for the
6-series in the following variants:
Type III alloy wheel and racing rim from
8.5J x 19“ to 10.5J x 20“;
Type IV alloy wheel in silver or BiColor
and as racing rim from 8.5J x 19“ to
10.0J x 20“, „Magic Black“ in 9.0J x 20“
and 10.0J x 20“ ;
Type V forged alloy wheel in 9.0J x 20“ and
10.0J x 20“ .
The Avantgarde: As a
new interpretation of the
classic 5-spoke design, the
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Uncompromising aerodynamics for
uncompromising performance.
Can an apparently perfect aero-
dynamic form be improved even
further? How can overtaking
prestige be enhanced without
reducing the air of exclusivity?
These difficult questions have
been perfectly resolved with
the AC Schnitzer Aerodynamic
conversion for coupé and cabri-
olet, both pre- and post-facelift
(LCi). The aerodynamic values
have improved, and the visual
appearance has been made
subtly but unmistakeably more
Another highlight - both visual
and audible - is the AC Schnitzer
twin pipe sports exhaust system.
With its two chromed tailpipes
in the Trap-Ment design, it
doesn‘t just optimise gas
throughflow and response of
the energy-laden power plant.
With its sonorous deep note,
it provides music to the ears
of even the most experienced
Striking front and harmonious rear:
The perfect essentials for a dynamic presence –
the AC Schnitzer ACS6 Cabrio.
Front spoiler, side skirt inserts,
sports mirrors, rear spoiler
and rear skirt visibly lower the
body lines. With the Chromeline
set, brilliant highlights can be
carefully positioned at deci-
sive points (see small photos
Symphony of seduction
for all six senses.
Once seated, you‘re charmed by
the interior that applies every
rule of the art. All components
in the AC Schnitzer design
enhance the sensuous expe-
rience of an already exclusive
ambience. The ergonomically
formed airbag sports steering
wheel, the carbon interior trim
in silver, a cover for the „i-Drive“
and countless accessories
in brushed aluminium, with
chrome applications to suit you.
And it‘s soon clear: this is the
authentic motorsport feeling by
AC Schnitzer. If that‘s not exclu-
sive enough, there is even the
option of tailor-made individual
Fine, fine: The AC Schnitzer carbon inte-
rior trim, the 3-spoke sports airbag steering
wheel, the aluminium cover for the BMW
i-Drive system, the aluminium pedal set and
handbrake handle, the automatic selector
lever in carbon, gear knob with digital gear
display and velours floor mats – all combine
to give that authentic motorsport feeling.
The AC Schnitzer instrument cluster with
speed display up to 320 km/h.
Performance upgrade for 635d
from 210kW/286 HP to 228 kW/310 HP,
torque from 580 Nm to 680 Nm, and the
0 - 100 km/h time falls from 6.3 sec. to just
6.05 sec.
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